Renegade Craft Fair

I am SOOOOO there! I always find the coolest stuff here, perfect for your bridal party!

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  1. Myra - twigs & honey

    I wish I could go! :*(
    I’m a bit far away though. haha

  2. Nicole Block,

    damn… i have a full weekend planned! i always miss the good things…

  3. L.S.

    yay! i’m not a bride but love your blog; please say hello if you see me there at my booth. 😀

  4. Australia Entertains

    Hi Vane

    You’ve been tagged by Australia Entertains. Please see our blog for details:

    Kudos on the beautiful blog and content.

    Kathryn@ Australia Entertains

  5. Amanda

    I’m going! :)

  6. maritessb

    Hi is this fair open to the public? It’s coming my way to SF in a few weeks it looks. I want to go!

  7. Vane

    the fair was only for this weekend…once a year at Father’s Day

  8. Rose

    did anyone find cool veils there, or someone who can repair veils? i’m wearing my mom’s old one,and it needs some creative work!


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