Modern Bride Trendsetters event

Whew, 3 nights of wedding events with one the Wedding Salon tonite, I don’t know how I’m going to last! Last nights Trendsetters event hosted by Modern Bride with The Wedding Library certainly was a success…the line to get in was practically wrapping around the block! Inside you were greeted by fabulous cocktails and yumminess, and if you could make your way through the crowd, you could also get to see amazing vendors like Lisa Hoffman of CeciNY, Eleni’s Cookies, and Sue Fleming of Buff Brides. Anyone else brave the cold to check it out?

[images by Brooklyn Bride]

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  1. Wendy

    Lucky you! I wish I could get to more of these events! So many great ideas and fascinating people!

  2. Marylynn

    me me me!! i was first in line and the place took my breathe away! i’ll be going tonight too! these are fun! i think i may be becoming an alcoholic with the consumption of so many yummy cocktails!

  3. linda

    It was a great night, and an exhausting but inspirational week! Thank you for the mention. We check out your blog everyday. Have you checked ours out? Please do~
    The Ladies at The Wedding Library

  4. Wedding Librarians

    Hi Vane,
    Great seeing you last night. Love your postings. Best,

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