Jinsoojung wedding

Ever since discovering the blog jinsoojung…I’ve been waiting in anticipation for her wedding photos to be posted! I know you’re going to understand why once you see these pictures…

my husband and i met in high school when we were just 16 years old and we’ve been together ever since.  after having been together for so long, our idea of the “perfect” weddind shifted to an event where we could just enjoy ourselves.

the wedding was held at the mills gallery, in boston’s south end. we included a mix of traditional, non-traditional, korean and american elements, and even a trolley tour of the city. in general, if something didn’t feel like “us”, we didn’t incorporate it into the wedding. in the end, we had a fun day surrounded by our family members.

in the 6 months leading up to the wedding, not only were chris and i planning the wedding, but we were also applying to law and graduate schools, apartment hunting, and maintaining full-time jobs. it was a chaotic blur in our lives. and we often look back and wonder how we were able to do everything at once.

You can see more photos at jinsoojung…unfortunately Christine has stopped blogging, but you can catch up with all her past inspirations.

[images from Liz Linder]

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  1. Ashley

    I am in absolute love with this… It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a wedding that I was drawn to like this!! thanks!

  2. Ashley Rose Photography

    I love the simplicity of this wedding, and also any shot with balloons makes me swoon!!!! :)

  3. maggie moss

    I love the simplicity and starkness of the space. it feels so different and modern for a wedding.

  4. banquetevent.com

    So lovey and yet so simple. Well done bride and groom.

  5. The Pissed Off Bride

    Such a pretty wedding and a very touching story.

    Congratulations to the couple.

  6. christine


  7. Sade

    wow I am at awe by this wedding. I love the color. It seems everything was effortless and simple. Awesome!!ingsb

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