The 5-Year Engagement sweepstakes

When Chad and I got engaged, we ended up having a pretty lengthy engagement…2 1/2 years!  It wasn’t because we couldn’t get our stuff together, we essentially had our wedding planned within 6 months….it was because I didn’t want to get married in an odd-year.  You see, we got engaged towards the end of 2006, and could have gotten married in 2007 if we wanted to, but I have this thing with odd numbers, so we held off til Spring of 2008!  Maybe its a silly reason, but hey, we ended up having ALL even numbers for our anniversary date…04/26/08, so I’m pretty happy about that!

That leads me to the premise of a film coming out on April 27 called The 5-Year Engagement starring Emily Blunt and Jason Segel….if you haven’t seen the previews yet, you absolutely must!  The characters, Tom & Violet, get engaged a year after meeting, and through a series of crazy events, their wedding gets postponed multiple times over 5 years…its from the producers of Bridesmaids, so its pretty much guaranteed to be hilarious.

A bunch of blogs today are getting in on the fun…each participating blog below is featuring a different save the date that Tom & Violet sent out over their 5 year engagement….simply collect 4 of the dates (seen on the STD card) and enter them at the sweepstakes page for a chance to win $1000 Amazon giftcard!

Borrowed & Bleu
The Broke-Ass Bride
Offbeat Bride
Green Wedding Shoes
Wedding Chicks
The Brides Cafe
Rock n Roll Bride

[This post was sponsored by The 5-Year Engagement]

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  1. awww I ♡ that save the date!
    Have fun playing the game!

  2. Holly

    I hate odd numbers too!! I have to maintain an even number of emails in my inbox at all times- and though my boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet I can guarantee if it happens this year we’ll be waiting for 2014. Thank you so much for sharing this about yourself and making me feel just a little less crazy. :-)

    Also I caught a preview screening of The Five Year Engagement’ last week and thought it was hilarious! Definitely see it!

  3. That’s so funny because our anniversary is ALL odd numbers. Oh, and I love love love Jason Segel so I’ll be first in line to see this movie. Mine and my husband only had about a year engagement, while I think five is ridiculous (except for special circumstances) I could have gone longer, with the way vendors book up and how long some of my DIY took.

  4. Rosanne

    Where can I get these save the dates?

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