Phi-Style: Paneled Details

1. Dorothy Perkins coral contrast dress, $17 | 2. Mystic Fashion Music Business Meeting dress, $48 | 3. Dorothy Perkins coral side panel dress, $59 | 4. Dorothy Perkins black PU pabel dress, $17 | 5. Dorothy Perkins yellow contrast dress, $27 | 6. Dorothy Perkins cappuccino panel dress, $55 | 7. Lush On Your Side dress, $48 | 8.  Dorothy Perkins navy panel dress, $69 | 9. Dorothy Perkins black stripe panel dress, $69

Paneled details are a great way to update an otherwise simple dress silhouette.  Not only are panels slimming to the figure, but they add a geometric aspect  that makes any look instantly modern and current.  – Tram @

[images from Dorothy Perkins and Modcloth]

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