Lovely ribbons

I really like the idea of using graphic ribbons on your bouquet instead of the ole standard satin or silk…it really adds an element of fun!

Another request I found in the survey was to start including more vendors from outside of New York….as you can see to your right, I’ve already started adding to the list, so you can only expect it to grow from here. If you have a vendor, location, or anything you’ve loved from your wedding or research, please let me know and I’ll add it.

[image from Pairs and Pieces]

  1. Emily

    Though I’m not married yet, I have to say my photographer Kristin Byrum is AMAZING. She’s really stood out amongst every photographer I contacted and I can’t wait for us to do our shoots. Her website is:

    Another photographer who’s work I really enjoy looking at is Millie Holloman.

  2. Ellen

    I love this ribbon idea. I’m planning on having the bridesmaids’ bouquets wrapped in a black and white polka dot fabric — which will match the groomsmen’s pocket squares.

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