Pottery Barn Sale

Just popping in to share with you some fun finds from the Pottery Barn after christmas sale….

The metal letters could be a great way to introduce your card table or guest book….

These chalkboard pots would make fun table numbers….only $3 each! For that price, they could even be your favors!

Beautiful vases and canisters for your candy bar….

These birch candles are only available in 4×4 now, but for $3.99, I’d snap them up ASAP!

[images from Pottery Barn]

  1. One Love Photo

    Very cute selection of GOODIES! Love the set of glass vessels….oh the things you could fill them with!

  2. babagrlshell

    Great stuff! Just FYI- Pottery Barn will ship items from stores to your home… you just have to do some legwork and call around to find who has the items you’re looking for! That’s how I found the mercury glass little pots for my wedding centerpieces! I got items from Memphis, Boston and locally in Jacksonville!

  3. Wendy

    Love the chalkboard table number idea!! Have a green wedding in May and I can’t wait to tell my client about these!! Thanks!

  4. Gypsy Purple

    Wishing you and yours a prosperous 2008!!!!

  5. alissa

    Those metal letters are so fun! And I adore the chalboard pots!

  6. Lisa from Blush

    Hi Vane,
    geez, I blogged on the same topic on the same day except it was Restoration Hardware. Now I’m not sure where I got the idea from, the email I received our you! If I lifted your topic I apologize. {Sheepish wave.}

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