Never Throw Rice at a Pisces contest

Don’t forget to leave your astrological sign in the comments for a chance to win this fun book! You’ve got until Sunday night!

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  1. marquel


  2. Ashley


  3. Kellirdan

    I’m a Gemini

  4. Emily Pee


  5. cathurynn

    Aries (but i’m on the cusp!) :)

  6. EthidiumBromide

    Cancer… watch out, I’m crabby.

  7. Adana

    Aries, of course!

  8. Smitten Studio

    Pisces…it’s meant to be!

  9. Carly


  10. Polka Dot Bride

    Pisces! I am totally intrigued by the name of this book!

  11. julia

    Gemini :)

  12. It's Lovely

    Aquarius : )

  13. Katie


  14. missv_md

    Pisces! I need to know if I’m going upstream or downstream!

  15. Bex

    Pisces, ouch rice hurts!

  16. maya


  17. nosilla


  18. MEP

    I’m technically a Pisces, but I’m on the cusp, so a lot of Aquarius qualities better describe me.

  19. lilpeadot


  20. Alyce

    it’s sunday am I too late?

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