Engagement shoot: Katie + Michael


It so refreshing to see an engagement shoot that ISN’T shot when its nice and warm outside…I prefer winter and fall myself so these totally hit the spot.  These have such a carefree look about them.









[images from DiBezi Photography]

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  1. lovely photos! what a great find!

  2. These two are expressing a lot of love and seem to be having fun with each other. So charming!

  3. These are my favorite photos I’ve ever seen of a bride and groom to be….and I’m not at all biased because she’s my best friend…


  4. Ashley

    These photos are beautiful! They capture their love, so naturally and oh my goodness I just love their cool, yet classic style! Inspired.

  5. These photos seem real. So refreshing!

  6. Great photos! They look like they had a ball!

  7. The photo shoots look so natural. I feel like they are just enjoying a great day together… Great job from the photographer. Love them.

  8. kalee

    i love this! i agree about the weather thing.
    michael looks like john lennon.

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