Custom Chuck Taylors

Did you know you can custom design your own Chuck Taylors? You can pick the colors, style, and even include text [like your wedding date, hint hint]. I think they would make fun gifts for your groomsmen, or even your hubby….

[image from Henry Chan’s blog]

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  1. Jesse & Thom

    We just gave custom converse to our groomsmen and it was a huge hit!

  2. One Love Photo

    Love a groom in chucks! Great tip!

  3. robyn

    I love these! I just did a whole series on personalized items for parties and weddings….how did I miss these?
    So cool! Thanks for the heads up. If I add them to my next installment, I’ll be sure to give you props and let you know, too!
    Love your site…I am a loyal subscriber! :)

  4. Radiah

    can anyone tell me where i can order the custom chucks?

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