WARNING to brides everywhere!

Normally our apartment looks something like this….

During the last few weeks of wedding planning, it ended up like this……

Ug, the horror of it all! Let this be a warning to those who plan their wedding in a studio apartment! Good lord, its like a tornado went through there!! Try not to think any less of me…

[utter shame by Brooklyn Bride]

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  1. thoughtful day

    I commend you for showing these pics. Ours was the same way, and still is sort of, post wedding life is busy!

  2. Michele

    Yeah I think especially with small apt living there’s no alternative but chaos right before the wedding and clearing out after the wedding.

  3. Chelsea

    Looks like my apartment any time I work on a creative project. Thanks for sharing. This is hilarious and refreshing!

  4. Kate

    See…when you have a four year old as we do, your house always looks like that! The only part of my house that is neat and clean are my vow renewal notebook and accordion files. It’s because I won’t let our daughter touch them! I’m patiently sitting here waiting for y cleaning lady, so I don’t have to face the house by myself!

    I like the picture!

  5. nole

    Our apartment (we have a one-bedroom) the same during the weeks before our wedding. I think it’s totally natural when you have that many things going on at once. We’re STILL cleaning up two weeks later!

  6. Anonymous

    Love how the keep calm and carry on picture is almost obscured!

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you for this post- my wedding is June 21, and this morning, I am looking around in despair- our studio is a MESS!! I have so many details to think about, and so much stuff in our small apartment. Glad it’s not just me!

  8. Anna

    Our apartment was a mess right before the wedding too – it’s reassuring to know that we weren’t the only ones! Not only was it covered in all of the wedding detritus, but I kind of stopped cleaning for a few weeks before the wedding – just no time, you know? =) Two months post-wedding, we’re finally back in shape, thank goodness!

  9. east side bride

    No shame. It means you’re a creative person! (At least that’s what I keep telling myself…)

  10. Bueller

    That’s hysterical!

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