Flip Ultra and Video

Chad knows how much I love to blog…I mean seriously, I was blogging on our honeymoon for pete’s sake! Which is why one of his wedding gifts to me, this fabulous Flip Ultra, was the perfect gift. I can carry it around in my bag, take up to 60 minutes of video, and just plug it into my computer to download. These would make great gifts for your bridal party too! [I ended up bringing mine out at the wedding and taking some impromptu videos!!]

[images from The Flip]

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  1. Jenna

    What is the quality like on this? It’s an interesting idea. I might have to look into one for myself.

  2. Chitown Bride

    I have one and it is actually pretty good. Not great, but I was amazied at how good it was.

  3. kristin @ the fairmount bride

    i have one too. i love it! totally addictive

  4. Courtney

    I have the same question as Jenna – how’s the quality. And, which Flip do you have?

  5. Vane

    i have the FLip Ultra in black and am really happy with the sound and video quality. VERY easy to use and download too!

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