i heart brooklyn designers: Lorena Barrezueta

Lorena takes the standard takeout food container and casts it in colorful porcelain! I love these for registry items, as well as gifts for the bridal party! Check out more at her Etsy shop.

[images from Etsy]

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Bust Craftacular

I’m a big fan of craft fairs….and a VERY cool one is happening this Saturday in NYC….definitely stop by the Bust Craftacular at the Metropolitan Pavilion from 10am-8pm. Over 200 vendors, food, drink, dj’s, and AMY SEDARIS….its a great way to get a jump start on holiday shopping, and maybe find some stuff for your bridal party as well! I’ll definitely be stopping by….

[image from Bust]

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Rosenthal Moon series

Picking our formal china came pretty easy to Chad and I….we knew we didn’t want something overly done, with flowers cascading over the sides and onto our coffee cups, or with tiny little butterflies all over the place. We wanted the simplest thing we could find, that would remain elegant but still be modern at the same time. In came Rosenthal’s Moon series…designed by Jasper Morrison. It’s got sexy curves, and is incredibly appealing to look at! Best of all, no frou frou designs!! Moon platinum is very similar but with a subtle platinum ring around the edges. Available at Moss and Unicahome.

[images from Unicahome]

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Reader question: Hip registry options…

Julia from Washington had a great question about registries that I thought could be helpful to you all….feel free to chime in with your own suggestions!

Q: I had a question that I thought you might be able to help me with. I keep getting asked (ok, pressured) by folks about our “registry.” Personally, I keep avoiding even thinking about it because, to me, a registry conjures up images of mass produced cookie cutter crap. There are quite a few more design oriented places with websites that I like (e.g., Rose and Radish, Unica Home, Vivi, Velocity Art & Design) but I only seem to like a few items here and there and we would end up registering at like ten places. Any ideas about a place or two we could register that would have more design conscious options?

A: I had this same problem when trying to find places to register…Chad and I looked everywhere for cool sites and came up with 4 that worked for our tastes. I know some sites, especially Unicahome, will accommodate special requests for items they don’t carry, and will have them especially for your registry.

A great option is to use a general registry place, like Felicite, My Registry or Wishlist and register at any stores you choose [including etsy!]…all your items will end up on one registry….I would read the fine print at these types of sites though…some may have added charges for your giftgivers.

[image from Shop Heidi]

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