Reader question: Hip registry options…

Julia from Washington had a great question about registries that I thought could be helpful to you all….feel free to chime in with your own suggestions!

Q: I had a question that I thought you might be able to help me with. I keep getting asked (ok, pressured) by folks about our “registry.” Personally, I keep avoiding even thinking about it because, to me, a registry conjures up images of mass produced cookie cutter crap. There are quite a few more design oriented places with websites that I like (e.g., Rose and Radish, Unica Home, Vivi, Velocity Art & Design) but I only seem to like a few items here and there and we would end up registering at like ten places. Any ideas about a place or two we could register that would have more design conscious options?

A: I had this same problem when trying to find places to register…Chad and I looked everywhere for cool sites and came up with 4 that worked for our tastes. I know some sites, especially Unicahome, will accommodate special requests for items they don’t carry, and will have them especially for your registry.

A great option is to use a general registry place, like Felicite, My Registry or Wishlist and register at any stores you choose [including etsy!]…all your items will end up on one registry….I would read the fine print at these types of sites though…some may have added charges for your giftgivers.

[image from Shop Heidi]

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Eau de Brooklyn

Who knew Brooklyn would smell so good? Developed by a neurologist in Boerum Hill, Eau de Brooklyn started out as a hobby and eventually turned into products like soap and eau de parfum. I happened upon a bottle in DUMBO at Loopy Mango [great store by the way!] and am completely hooked! Great as a gift!

[images from Eau de Brooklyn]

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i heart brooklyn designers: five and a half

five and a half is a brooklyn based bookmaking and design studio started by Judy Lee. All the journals are lightweight, sustainable, and feature the art of some great photographers and illustrators. I got to see the Bushwick journal while at Cog and Pearl this past weekend, and completely fell in love. Great for gifts!

[images from five and a half]

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i heart brooklyn designers: The Bubble Roome

Does soap count as a design? Well it should if it comes from the Bubble Roome! They have beautifully packaged all natural soaps, mineral salts, lotions and more….all from Brooklyn! You can order directly from their site or from Rare Device…..

[images from Bubble Roome and Rare Device]

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