The colors

So you’ve been hearing me go on and on about the colors for our wedding….well finally, I’ve got the fabric inspirations to show you! Being an interior designer, I’m lucky enough to have access to an amazing array of fabrics and colors, and these are all ones we’ve worked with at our office. I actually got the inspiration from a bench cushion we designed for a client a year ago… it was various shades of green, and then I added in the shot of yellow and white. The fabrics will be wrapped around our centerpiece vases, three for each table, and then filled with various white flowers. I’ll be experimenting whether its better to doublestick tape them to the vases, or to sew sleeves. You’ll also notice I went a little crazy at the ribbon stores….I just can’t help myself! I plan on working all of them in somehow, but I’ll leave that a mystery for now.

[fabrics from Pollack, Maharam, Hable Construction, and Osborne & Little]
[images from Brooklyn Bride]

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Felt buttons

I was browsing around the sale section at Reprodepot last night and these Japanese felt buttons caught my eye! I bought a bunch for my coat, but could totally see these sewn onto a bouquet, or maybe the flower girls headband….

[images from Reprodepot]

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Candle Carver

Jennifer L. sent me this link a while back, but it got lost in email world, so now I’m very happy I found it again. These candle carvers make centerpiece possibilities endless, and I think can make a stunning statement. In my head, I see a rectangular table covered in a pure white tablecloth, with a single row of green apples all the way down the center, and then just 1 yellow apple for interest.

[image from Amazon]

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Weekend project: the ring pillow

I’ll just come out and say it….I hate the Superbowl. Football and me just don’t get along…but it does give me an excuse to get some wedding stuff out of the way. Being an interior designer gives me access to a lot of gorgeous fabrics….I’m actually using a bunch of them for the wedding in my centerpieces….and I happened to have a remnant of one of my favorites to use for my ring pillow. So, while Chad watched the game…I broke out the sewing machine and got crackin. Ring pillows have got to be the easiest sewing project ever, and this one literally took me about 20 minutes from start to finish. If you’re interested in me posting some directions, let me know….but I think the process is pretty self-explanatory. Its a nice way to tie in your colors and personality.

[image by Brooklyn Bride]
[fabric is by Maharam - Kvadrat Flora 460750-486]

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