Memoirs of the Perpetual Bridesmaid

I got an email yesterday from Jonathan and Whitney from Brown Sugar Design about a new series they will be featuring on their blog for the next few months entitled the “Memoirs of the Perpetual Bridesmaid“. Their friend will be posting about what a wedding is like from the bridesmaids point of view….could be VERY eye-opening….check it out and check out Brown Sugar Design’s portfolio while you’re at it!

[image from BSD blog]

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Eliza Magazine

Finally, I received my issue of Eliza Magazine, complete with wedding section. After searching EVERY magazine stand I could find in NYC and Brooklyn to no avail, I gave in and got myself a subscription. I especially liked the Rock and Roll photo shoot….I glad they found wedding dresses that were both demure AND sexy at the same time. I’m pretty crazy over those combat boots too!

[images from Eliza Magazine]

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BOND Alternative Wedding Magazine

While perusing Barnes and Noble this weekend, I fell upon BOND Alternative Wedding magazine over in the wedding section. Seeing the 3 different covers featuring gay and straight couples, I immediately bought an issue, ran home, and tore in. I think this is the magazine we’ve been waiting for people!! How great it is to finally see a magazine and website that embraces ALL couples! Issue Zero features an organic, green, and ecological theme. Its a limited edition run of 5000 copies so get yours quick.

Bond features fashion for women and men from the catwalks of Milan, Paris, London and New York, interpreted in a modern wedding setting. Gone are the restrictive norms of traditional dress and the expectations of “something borrowed, something blue.” Bond offers a new look at everything from food and wine to flowers and decor to personalize your wedding to fit your lifestyle.

At Bond we are dedicated to redefining the aesthetics of weddings for the new millenium. We do not seek to change the essence of what a union between two consenting adults means, but to offer a different light on how those ceremonies can be for the modern urban couple.

Bond’s international list of collaborators are gay, straight, metrosexual, black, brown, white, yellow, 25-45+ year-old urban dwellers in the fashion, design and wedding industries. We know our reader because we are our reader. Bond does not offer aesthetic advice that we would not take ourselves.

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Modern Bride Survival Guide

Did anyone else know about this Modern Bride Survival Guide coming out in October? I’m intrigued to see how it turns out. Here’s what Amazon says about it….

From the engagement ring to the honeymoon, The Modern Bride Survival Guide is a must-have resource for the 2.2 million women who get married in America every year. Bursting with expert advice on all aspects of wedding planning, the book will help brides-to-be bring their fantasies to life with a perfect combination of inspiration and instruction. This stylish, contemporary guide includes gorgeous color photography throughout, as well as lots of checklists and calendars, including a budget worksheet, a wedding day countdown calendar, and a comprehensive to-do list for the big day. Sidebars throughout the book feature expert advice from well-known wedding planners, while “bride to bride” tips share down-to-earth wisdom from real-life brides. From outlining a budget, choosing vendors, and planning the ceremony to keeping the peace among family members, this comprehensive guide has the answer to every bride’s pre-wedding questions. Chapters include: Getting Started; The Reception Site; Stationery; Food and Wine; Flowers; Dresses; Cakes; Beauty and Fitness; The Girls; The Guys; Photography; Music; Favors; The Ceremony; Guests; The Rehearsal Dinner; and Destination Weddings. With ideas for all budgets and every imaginable wedding style, The Modern Bride Survival Guide is the most useful and up-to-date wedding planner available–and just what any bride needs to make her dream wedding a reality.

[image from Amazon]

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Wedding reading

Even before I got engaged, I’ve collected wedding books…not sure why, guess its the romantic in needless to say, I have a pretty good collection. Don’t even get me started on the Martha Stewart Wedding magazines I’ve been saving since 1995!! The above selections are ones that have definitely helped me along the way, so I thought I’d share. The Emily Post Mother’s planner is a recent acquisition of mine, and its pretty great…always good to give moms the low-down on planning. Southern Weddings is definitely my favorite since Chad’s from Louisiana and I wanted to get a better sense of what happens down south…the photography is absolutely beautiful and the green and white wedding (sound familiar?) gave me some EXCELLENT ideas…check all of them out.

[images from Amazon]

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