Real Simple Wedding Issue

So the Real Simple Wedding Issue is out at Crate and Barrel’s everywhere and online…to be honest, its not exactly what I was expecting [I think I was looking for a lot of DIY ideas], but a great resource nonetheless. Whats done really well are the checklists, and it answers questions in an easy to understand format. The online version includes some things not in the magazine, like creating bouquets out of grocery store flowers, or hair and makeup styles for your wedding [these are especially good because they show the hairstyles from all directions].

Real Simple also has a bridal blog going by one of the online editors, Margit, for her own wedding. Looks like it just started so check it out.

[images from Real Simple]

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thanks Shaunna!

Shaunna, one of the editors at Pacific Weddings, did a lovely little writeup of Brooklyn Bride, so thanks Shaunna! Did everyone know that Pacific Weddings had a blog? If not, definitely check it out!

[image from Love Notes]

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Fete: The Wedding Experience

I was perusing Barnes and Noble last night and found this new book by one of my favorite wedding coordinators, Jung Lee, of the fabulous company Fete. Inside are beautiful images, and even better ideas for your wedding! I didn’t buy it, but definitely plan to in the future.

[image from Amazon]

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NY Mag: Visitor’s Guide to NY

I was rummaging around on NY Mag’s website, and found this New York’s Guide to Visiting NY that I think would be a great link to any NY bride’s website! Its got a great section called Travel Essentials where you click on the month you’ll be in the city, and it gives you all the must-do events to check out! I plan on using the info for my own OOT bags….its going to save me a lot of legwork….

[image from NY Mag]

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