Neighborhoodies concept tee’s

I am so ready to make one of these shirts….Neighborhoodies is taking the traditional I Love NY shirt and letting you make it your own with fun graphics! Or change it around and use your honey’s initials! They’d make great gifts for your bridal party, just personalize each one with a different image or text!

[images from Neighborhoodies]

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I bought this Muji New York toy set for my ring bearer….such beautiful simplicity in it. Other cities are available….

[image from MoMAstore]

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Paloma’s Nest

These little bowls would make great gifts for your bridesmaids or helpers, and the balsa wood stationery is just too cool! All are customizable with any names or words you want through Paloma’s Nest, and prices are very reasonable. I might just pick up a few….:)

[images from Paloma’s Nest]

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Sigur Ros – Heima

This has NOTHING to do with weddings, but Chad just got himself the Heima documentary by Sigur Ros, and I swear, it is the most beautiful thing ever. We went to see them in concert a few years ago and it truly is an experience [its hard to explain, but you actually feel the music inside your body, its surreal]…I’d recommend anyone going to check them out if they come to a city near you….and be sure to check out the handwritten chapter titles…their simplicity is just stunning.

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Reader question: Food favors

Reader Jackie had a question about food favors that aren’t necesarily the standard chocolates or sweets.

My question now has to do with wedding favors. My fiance and I are big foodies and would like to incorporate something with food that is reasonably priced. We were going to do chocolates but now we are thinking that we don’t eat sweets that much and it may not represent us well. We like these salts from Pear and Peony but we are hoping to get a couple other ideas to compare it to. Do you have anything in mind?

One idea that I thought could be clever is making mini recipe books with your favorite recipes to give everyone. That way you’re including your love of food and passing along to your friends and family for them to love as well! I imagine them looking sort of like this:

Does anyone else have any other ideas?

[images from Pear + Peony and Martha Stewart]

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