Hey there, cupcake!

wafer paper cakes

Have you guys been noticing the use of wafer paper in wedding cakes?  I’ve only recently started to, and its really quite thrilling to see what you’re able to make with it.  These cakes from Hey there, cupcake! are some of my favorites, and she’s got this technique down pat!

wafer paper cakes wafer paper cakes

[images from Hey there, cupcake!]

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Nectar & Stone

mint green chocolate favors

Came across Nectar & Stone yesterday and honestly, I feel like its been such a while since I’ve seen such beautiful chocolates as these!  Wouldn’t they be the best favors at a wedding or bridal shower?  I want one in every color!

chocolate pyramid favors

ice cream cupcakes

pink and purple ombre chocolate favos

pastel mini cupcakes

pink chocolate favors

blue and white chocolates

[images from Nectar & Stone IG feed] via fellowfellow

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Food Trucks!


What’s more exciting for the bride and groom and their guests, than to have a food truck show up with delicious treats (both savory and sweet) in the cutest get-up at their wedding?! Here are 6 of our favorite food trucks inspired by some of our favorite foods!

  1. Sliders
  2. Grilled Cheese
  3. Creme Brûlée
  4. Crepes
  5. Waffles
  6. Donuts


by brittany from the house that lars built

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