Phi-Style: Bridal Dress Reductions


1.  Rochas Dress,$2725 $817 | 2.  Esteban Cortazar Dress, $1660 $581 | 3. J.Mendel Dress, $2280 $1368
4. Jenni Kayne Dress, $1095 $657 | 5. Vivienne Westwood Dress, $665 $399
6. Doo.Ri Dress, $2195 $658 | 7. Marchesa Dress, $1200 $444 | 8. Marchesa Dress, $895 $537

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[images from Net-a-PorterOutnet, and Shopbop]

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Beautiful bridesmaid dresses


Bridesmaid dresses have the potential to be the cheesiest element of the wedding. A bunch of ladies in the same dress is not always a good idea. However, in the right dress in the right color, it can be wondrous. Here are some ways to flatter your bridesmaids and get some lovely photos at the same time.

  1. Warm colors. Let each bridesmaid choose their own dress and give them a palette. This one is warm hues like tomato red, mandarin, yellow, salmon. No doubt the bride provided a color palette to work with. From here.
  2. Blue. The dress is all the same but it works so well here because the dress is flattering and works so well with the floral bouquets. From here.
  3. Gold sequins. It’s fun, it’s fresh! From here.
  4. All florals. Each dress is different but the floral patterns are all in the same scale so it works perfectly. From here.




by Brittany Jepsen of The House That Lars Built 

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Phi-Style: Bridesmaid Remix – Emerald Green

1. Sugar Snap Please Dress, $60 | 2. Stay For-Evergreen Dress, $80 | 3. Convivial Celebration Dress, $53 | 4. Lady Love Song Dress, $80 | 5. Arugula La Dress, $53 | 6. The Pine Room Dress, $55 | 7. That Print! Dress, $58 | 8. Luck Be a Lady Dress, $75

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[images from Modcloth]

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