Phi-Style: Veil Styles

Your veil can completely transform your complete look.  A shorter blusher can give a whimsical, retro look, while a longer fingertip length veil may lean towards the romantic traditional.  You may know how long you want  your veil to be on your wedding day, but have you thought about the style of veil?  Here’s a quick guide to some of the more popular veil and headpiece styles today.  – Tram

1.  Fascinators – Not really a veil at all, these hairpieces usually consist of feathers, blooms, and netting.  Especially popular among British women, a fascinator is a great alternative to wearing a veil.  Many brides are opting to do a veil for the ceremony, and switching to a fascinator for the reception.

2. Blusher Veils – These veils can range from a below-the-chin length, as pictured above, to a shorter length that covers some or all the face, like the birdcage veil.  Since these veils have a vintage feel, they look best with a dress that has a modern-vintage or retro style.

3. Bubble Veils – As you would expect, bubble veils have more volume toward the top, with the veil curving inward at the bottom.  These veils are definitely statement-making pieces and are not for the shy!  Pair with a fashion-forward couture dress.

4. Mantilla Veils – These traditional veils are worn slightly foward, with the edge curving around the bride’s face and shoulder.  The look is very vintage and very romantic.  These veils look best with a simple, minimal gown, so as to not compete with the veil.

4. Cascade Veils – Also known as waterfall veils, these veils are typically one layer of fabric cut so that it’s shorter in the front and longer in the back.  Since these veils can be cut to a range of lengths and sheerness, this versatile veil can complement most dresses.

5. Drop Veils – These veils are typically very sheer and flat.  They are draped over the face before the wedding ceremony, and lifted by the groom after the vows are read.  Like the cascade veil, this versatile veil can be cut to any length to accomodate any dress style.

[images from Sara Gabriel]

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Phi-Style: Wedding Dress Silhouettes

One of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is undoubtedly the hunt for The Dress.  Before I started looking for my own dress, I had no idea that there were certain silhouette categories that wedding dresses fell into.  I just never thought about it before!  Needless to say, I stared at the sales girl blankly when she asked me what silhouette I liked.

Here is a quick and easy summary of dress silhouettes to help you brides narrow down your dress options, as well as tips on which figure would look best with which silhouette.  Good luck, ladies! – Tram

Princess — Also known as the “A-line,” the Princess silhouette is fitted at the top and flares out through the skirt. This is one of the more popular shapes since it’s flattering to most body types. It is recommended for petite figures because it can help add height, and for full figured brides because it hides the hips. This is also a great silhouette for pear-shaped figures.

Empire — This shape features a high waist that starts just beneath the bust and falls with a slight flare. This style is flattering to those with thicker waists since if falls straight down, concealing this area. While the empire style fits well on most body types, it’s especially flattering for those brides with a smaller bust since it draws attention to the neckline. It is not recommended for curvy, hourglass figures.

Mermaid — This silhouette hugs the body down to the knee before flaring out at the bottom. A true Mermaid flares out at the knee, while the similar Trumpet silhouette flares out earlier at the thighs. This silhouette is the most difficult to wear since the cut is so fitted, and is recommended for taller women. It is not recommended for shorter, bottom-heavy figures.

Ball gown — This classic and elegant silhouette consists of a form fitting bodice, leading down to a full, floor length skirt. Like the A-line silhouette, it flatters most figures. This dress is a great choice for medium to taller brides and for those that wish to hide large hips. It is also flattering to brides with narrow hips, as it can give the illusion of a curvy look. However, this shape is not recommended for petite brides as the full skirt can be overwhelming.

Sheath/Column — This style wedding gown can fall nearly straight down from the neckline to the hem, or it can hug your curves, accentuating your torso, waist and hips. Although flattering for several body types, depending on the fabric chosen, the Sheath or Column silhouette may not allow much room for hiding problem areas, like a larger lower body. A thinner material may be clingy and more form-fitting in a sheath/column dress. It is most recommended for those brides with a tall, thin figure.

Basque waist — This flattering silhouette is characterized by a low waist coming down to form a “V” several inches below the waist before opening into a full skirt. The shape elongates the torso and helps hide the tummy area. This silhouette is great for taller brides who want an hourglass appearance. Petite brides should be wary as this style may make them appear shorter.

[image from ModCloth Blog]

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Phi-Style: Bridal Bun Hair

The loose bun has been a popular bridal hair style as of late, but there’s no reason for your bun to be boring.  Either high or low, slicked or teased, the variations on your classic bun are endless.  Personally, I love the piecey, teased variety! – Tram

[Images from Hair RomanceHaley Gerber, We Heart It, Salon Hair At Homew, Salon K Provo, Hairstyle Ezine, and Glamour]

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Phi-Style: Bridal Bow Footwear

1. Valentino patent bow pumps, $745 | 2. Oscar de la Renta Satin pump, $795 | 3. Badgley Mishka Babbette Sandal, $225 |  4. Badgley Mishka Bryant Sandal, $200 | 5. Lanvin jeweled sandal, $995 | 6. Valentino bow embellished satin sandal, $1195 |  7. Valentino peep-toe lace pump, $885 | 8. Valentino Glamorous bow pump, $695 | 9. Manolo Blahnik Joriano slingback, $795

In imagining a modern wedding, bows are not what usually come to mind.  In fact, I joked that under no circumstance would I have any bows at my wedding.  That is, until I saw structural patent leather and leopard print bows.  Romantically edgy – love this dichotomy!  – Tram

[images from Net-A-Porter, Saks, and Nordstrom]

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Vraifaux jewelry

You guys have been reading long enough to know I have a penchant for clever jewelry…well, here’s a new one for ya!  The Exo-Gem collection is a reinterpretation of the traditional solitaire, breaking it down into simple lines for something fabulously different!

[images from Vraifaux via Etsy]

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