NSS recap: wow!

Wow, my first visit to NSS was pretty darn thrilling…if you don’t count the 5 blisters I received walking up and down the aisles for 4 hours. I got to see a lot of friendly faces, and discovered a lot of new stationery designers with amazing talent. One of my favorite finds is from a tried and true company, Russel and Hazel. After coming out with recipe books and holiday sets, they have finally developed a fabulous wedding binder with the help of Anne Chertoff of iVillage! Oh, how I wish they had designed these a year ago! There will be downloadable sheets off their website you can include in, and lots of pockets for holding all your clippings.

*these will be available mid-June, so hold tight until then…

[images from R+H and Brooklyn Bride]

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Moontree Letterpress

Moontree Letterpress has been coming out with some very cool Brooklyn themed cards and notebooks [you’ll remember I bought a few at the Brooklyn Flea a few weeks ago]. Her wedding invitations are equally beautiful and understated….

[images from Moontree Letterpress]

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Carrie bicycle basket

Why did I not think of this before? Instead of a traditional guestbook, I’m going to be Gocco-ing cards with images of industrial cranes and anchors in honor of our Brooklyn Navy Yard wedding, but we have no idea what we’re going to have people put them in, but the Carrie bicycle basket works PERFECTLY since it comes in white AND green. [via jinsoojung, an EXCELLENT wedding blog and wonderful contributer to the Modern Wedding pool over at flickr.]

[image via jinsoojung]

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Chewing the Cud Weddings

Violet emailed me yesterday with her new Signature line of invitations for Chewing the Cud…all amazingly creative and gorgeous! Each and every one has a personality of its own.

[images from Chewing the Cud]

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