Real wedding: Kallie + Mike

I saw these photos on One Love Photo‘s blog, and had to get more information because they blew my mind!….luckily, the bride Kallie was more than willing to let us in on her day…..

What was the theme of your wedding?

We didn’t really have a theme. The color scheme of yellow, black and cream with came from a beautiful arrangement of flowers I saw a picture of. I’m not really much of a pastels type girl. We kept things pretty modern which is more my style and it reflects the style of our home where we had the wedding. It was pretty casual and intimate we had around 75 people. Basically, I just wanted people we were close with to show up, watch us exchange a quick set of vows and then eat, drink and dance till the sun came up!

What DIY projects did you have? Could you speak more about that fabulous runner?

The runner was made by my Mom, Lynn Gatzemeier. It is a piece of long black canvas cut to size and a stecil that was made from a laser cut panal with birds and flowers and all sorts of things in it. It’s from a swedish company (I think) I can get the name for you later. It was rolled up and then when our officiant and Mike (my husband) came out they unrolled it. The daisy balls were also made by my mom, Paula Rindal (who helped coordinate the wedding and all the landscaping) and I. I really like them and they looked so pretty I left them up all summer. We also did all the plantings and potting under the guidance of Paula who is an amazing landscape designer.

Did you do anything unconventional for your ceremony or during your reception?

We didn’t really do anything too unconventional. Mike’s brother-in-law was ordained online and officiated our wedding. Since it was a smaller wedding, it seemed weird to have someone we didn’t know do it and we aren’t that religious so he seemed like the perfect option. There was also a slight mixup with the waiting period for our marriage license. We were supposed to be married on the 7th and that’s when we had the ceremony, but the marriage license says the 8th. So at midnight we had a second ceremony which was probably the highlight of the night! We did it in the backyard around the patio fireplace. Mike’s brother in law really got into the southern baptist preacher style thing so there were lots of lots of “Hallalujuas” and “Can I get an amen”s it was so much fun! Everyone else got into it too so there was lots of handclapping and yelling.

What were some of your favorite aspects or moment of your wedding? Would you change anything if you could do it again?

My favorite things about the wedding were our exchange of vows. I didn’t think I would cry, but it really caught me off gaurd! I also loved how everything came together and how great it all looked! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pictures, it was perfect. I had so much fun working with my Mom and Paula too. I couldn’t have done it with out them. I also loved our cake. It was so good and it looked so pretty. If I could change anything…I would have invited more people! We purposefully kept the guest list small because we didn’t want the house to be too crowded and we thought the deck might collapse! I didn’t want to have the wedding that sent people to the emercency room and wound up on the 10 oclock news. But it held up fine.

People thought we were crazy to have the wedding at our house, but I’m so glad we did. We didn’t dump a ton of money into decorating a hall somewhere. We put all that money into landscaping and planting and doing repairs to the house. Plus, now I have such great memories of our wedding whenever I walk around our house!

[images from One Love Photo]

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Real wedding: Lauren + Derek

Lauren and Derek of The Curiosity Shoppe have a weekly column over at design*sponge, and last week, included a link to their wedding photos by photographer Jessamyn Harris. I really enjoyed all the personal touches, and thought this would be some great inspiration for my friend Christina’s wedding.

[images by Jessamyn Harris]

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Real wedding: Viola + Phillip

I don’t normally like to post 2 real weddings in one week, but this is definitely the exception….I am completely blown away by this wedding…..[via DCNearlyweds]

[images by Anna Kuperberg]

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Real wedding: Katie + Ian

My dearest friend Christina recently got engaged, and I couldn’t be happier! I’m super excited because she’s asked me to help with the wedding. And while we’re complete opposites [read: day and night] I think it will really get my creative juices flowing. I’m looking forward to sharing what inspiration I find for her! First off is this fabulous wedding from the latest MS Weddings…Christina and her fiance love nature and the outdoors so that will play a HUGE part in their wedding…check out that woodgrain cake and those matching invites!

[images from MS Weddings Fall 2007]

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Real wedding: Sarai + Kenn

Sarai of Sweet Sassafras emailed me last week with pictures of her fabulous, handmade wedding, and I just had to share! I won’t gush too much, but this girl is now my craft-idol!! She made everything from her dress and hat, to arranging the flowers. Proof that you CAN have an amazing, handmade affair, and live to tell the tale! You can find more images and information on her site and on flickr.

Hi! I was recently married, and wanted to say thank you for all the
wonderful inspiration your blog provided in the last few months of
wedding planning. Our wedding was amazing, thanks in part to
inspiration from blogs like yours. :)

We had a very personal wedding, with lots of participation from our
friends and a whole lot of hand crafted details. A friend officiated,
another friend made the desserts, another did the sound and video, and
lots of people helped us set up and decorate. I made my own dress and
hat (we asked all the guests to wear hats), the invitations, the table
runners, the table numbers, the place cards, and arranged all the
flowers. It was an intense amount of crafting, but the final result
was so meaningful. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. Oh, and we
had a photobooth, which I highly recommend!

[images from Sarai, photography by Jillian Kay]

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