Joanna August

Last week I had the pleasure of enjoying tea with Joanna August, a super talented designer out of California who does gorgeous bridesmaids and wedding dresses.  Her objective is simple: she’ll only make dresses that she herself would wear, and that can absolutely be worn again.  Its more about making dresses that can be used FOR weddings, rather than bridesmaids dresses that can be worn OUTSIDE of weddings.  Pretty clever if you ask me.

[images from Joanna August]

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Optique ring

optique ring

The Optique ring from designer Chun Chun is probably way more affordable that a real diamond, and seriously, isn’t it just cooler??

[image from Chun Chun]

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Engagement shoot: Tramanh + Tu

When Brangelina graced the cover and pages of W magazine after wrapping up Mr. & Mrs. Smith, I went out and poured over each and every page!  The concept was genius, and the photos were just perfection.  Which is pretty much why I love this engagement shoot took inspiration from those pages…so clever!

[images from Table 4 Photography]

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