Bryant Park holiday shops

Last weekend I popped over to the opening day of Bryant Park’s Holiday Shops to visit one and only shop…the Mixed Co. booth! The coolest booth by far at the park, there were tons of goodies for everyone. I think one of my favorite gifts to be used for weddings was Linea Carta‘s A-Z pack…they were be PERFECT as table numbers!! Check out the Mixed Co. site for more info.

[images from Brooklyn Bride]

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Giambattista Valli trunk show

For you ladies that missed the first show, Giambattista Valli is holding a SECOND trunk show at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. December 2-4, you’ll have a chance to buy any of the 13 gowns that will won’t be available anywhere else.

[image from Giambattista Valli]

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Card swap

For those of you who entered to be in the Holiday Card Swap this year, by now you should have received your partners…if you have NOT gotten an email from me, please let me know ASAP! Remember, cards are going out Dec 15 at the latest!

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Parcel Post for Brooklyn Bride [no. 02]

Image Hosted by

Lately I have been loving the color combo grey and white. It’s cool but warm, stylish and soft spoken.

Above are some of my favorite repeat patterns by Smock.These are envelope liner options !
I also love with a capitol L, the Lucidity invitation set by Elum.

Other grey and white things I heart at Urbanic are… these super cute paper coasters by Rock Scissors Paper, wrapping papers by Snow and Graham, personal stationery by Paperwink and travel candles by Paddywax.
[images from Parcel Post]

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What Maura’s thankful for

Maura sent this to me last night, and I couldn’t NOT post it…I’m sure many will echo her sentiments.

just thought i’d share. i’m sure i’m not the only bride out there feeling like some extra words of thanks are due:

it’s so hard to really put a finger on what one is thankful for, especially at point in life where the “moment” sweeps you up and you either lack the words, get a little selfish, or just plain ol’ forget. at the time of our wedding, i had to accept that a few of our words of thanks would fall short of being able to truly pinpoint how peter and i were feeling. but as soon as we got the pictures back from our wedding photographer and i saw this shot of me and my MOH, i knew that all i had to do was find the moment and the words would just come.

as i sit here just having looked at the thanksgiving post on your site (true fan, btw…thanks), i am ready. ready ready ready to say the hugest thank you to my wonderful maid of honor/best friend in the whole wide world. kacie sat through nine long months of me switching my mind. simple and tropical. grand and garden-esque. white wedding. colorful wedding. inviting only family. inviting the entire world. i must’ve made her crazy with all the links i e-mailed her. but she let me have my time and indulged every fantasy i had for my big day.
but what i find most amazing about kacie – in addition to the tour de force she pulled off as a maid of honor, the killer wedding shower she and my mother planned, and the endless crafting – was how utterly there for me she was the day of. i was a mess. she dealt with late buses, threatening rainstorms, and annoying family members. she ran upstairs, she ran downstairs, and she made time to just hung out with me.
what i am thankful for, as i reflect on all the crazy fun things that have taken place this year, is what a wonderful friend i have in kacie. a kick-ass maid of honor and one helluva tried-and-true friend. i mean, she buckled my chanels. ain’t she the greatest?

[images from Maura]

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