Parcel Post for Brooklyn Bride [no. 09]

pp_headerpost No. 3 Beachy Mod

• in this lineup, bold graphics and bright colors of citrus, sunshine and ocean •

If you are having a wedding on the beach, a new direction would be to go modern with it! We have all seen the shells, seahorses and palm tress, but why not mix it up with some sunsets, seagulls, and ocean waves? I am really excited about the first picture below. We are working with a bride right now at Urbanic who is doing a Venice Beach themed wedding. The picture is the back of her RSVP postcard. One of our amazing designers Emily, put together a collage of actual photos taken in Venice to capture the look and feel of the location. She nailed it! You can brighten up any venue with garlands, place mats and favors. Instead of candy you could give guests something they can keep or use during their stay, like a beach journal. Below are two of my favorite invitations currently in the shop. As you can see, you can really go stylish and modern but still capture the essence of a coastal destination.








venice beach collage RSVP card by Emily at Urbanic • “just married” banner and seagull journal by Earmark • placemat by Lotta JansdotterMelanie and Sky’s invitations by Alee and Press • waves stiched invitation by Tiny Pine Press • sunshine card by Red Bird Ink

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Parcel Post for Brooklyn Bride [no. 08]


post No. 2 Artsy Indie

• In this lineup, bright punchy colors, retro nostalgia, and a little bit of edge •

If you are a creative type, then have a blast with your wedding and go alternative with all the special details! You can make your wedding reflect who you are by thinking outside the box with all of the little elements that shout personality. Why not make some of your own decorations? (but be sure to enlist friends for help!) I love the paint brush idea for the escort cards. It’s so original and the social aspect of guests sorting through the pile is a great mingling opportunity. Escort cards don’t have to be tented pieces of paper. On that same note, table numbers don’t have to be numbers, they can be colors, cities, band names, islands, whatever you want them to be. Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to create an expression of who you are as a couple.







{paperclip heart photo by Mainmama • turntable save the date and rainbow wedding invitation by Unless Someone Like You • paint brush escort tags by Nicki and Brandon • color labels by Every Jot and Tittle • mix tape invitation set by Studio on Fire

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Parcel Post for Brooklyn Bride [no. 07]


Hey everyone…I’m in Vegas this week livin it up poker style, so the fabulous Audrey from Parcel Post will be taking over with some fabulous inspirational posts!

Hello everyone at Brooklyn Bride! In case you haven’t read my guest posts here in the past, my name is Audrey and I have a blog called Parcel Post and a paper boutique in CA called Urbanic. At the shop, I work with many brides to help them find the perfect wedding invitations for their big day. One of the first things I go over with them in our initial meeting is identifying the look and feel of their wedding. Since your save the dates and wedding invitations are usually the first glimpse your guests have into the event, it’s important to get this figured out early on … and this is always the really fun part! I love helping couples conceptualize different looks and ideas based on their style and taste. Over the next couple days while our beloved Vané is out of town, I will share some fresh ideas with you and would love to hear yours as well. The inspiration is everywhere!

post No. 1 Vintage Glamour

• In this lineup, deep dusty pinks, bold swirly fonts, & touches of black for detail •

I have no idea where the adorable photo booth came from… but how cute is this bridesmaids dress?!! The makeup imprintables would make perfect invitations for a shower or bachelorette party. Flower options are many, but should definitely be a little dramatic and a tad sultry. I would love to see some antique golds mixed into this equation.







bride’s maid dress by Ouma • letterpress RSVP set and hanging escort tags by Mika 78 • flower photo by Lori Hildebrandt • makeup imprintable by Snow and Graham • save the date postcard by Mae Mae Paperie

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Bridal Buzz

Check out last week’s post over at Bridal Buzz…Jessy at Fleurs helped me out with a great look at decor options that “gasp” require very little flowers!  Thanks Jessy!

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Guest post: Your groom is a modern groom


This is a guest post by Mike, one of the guys at Groom Groove, a site recently featured in the New York Times that dishes wedding information and advice for grooms, the best man and groomsmen, from a guy’s perspective.

Modern grooms are getting more involved in wedding planning. (Yes, even your own.) Below are some wedding planning tasks that got me stoked when I got married, and might have the same effect on your fiancé. Aside from the short list below, the trick is to help your guy understand the duties of the groom. He’ll find lots of options that will allow him to tap into his creativity and get involved.

The mystery honeymoon

My wife and I are a match because of a mutual love of international travel. (The year before our wedding, we backpacked through Central America.) For our honeymoon, we opted for a relaxing lay-on-the-beach vacation, with a twist. My wife agreed to my idea of keeping our honeymoon plans a total surprise for her until we got to the airport. I told her only what to bring, and not where we were going. (And they say marriage is about trust – try a mysto honeymoon locale!) I picked the destination, booked the flights and accommodation, and planned the honeymoon activities. It was a great vacation, and the added mystery definitely spiced it up.

An education in wedding food options

I don’t consider myself a foodie, by any stretch. But as it turns out, I really enjoyed trying out the tasting menus from prospective reception venues. My fiancée and I turned each tasting into a “date” (Dating each other…remember that!?). The chef we chose picked out locally-grown carrots, tomatoes and other veggies from our local greenmarket on the morning of our wedding. (I was pretty ignorant as to how far most of the food we eat actually travels, and the benefit to the environment of going local.) In addition, it was my responsibility to plan a relaxing rehearsal dinner. In our case, I made shorts and flip flops mandatory, and coupled it with bite-sized international cuisine. It was the best party I’ve ever organized, and it was great to put my stamp on it.

Let him tap his inner design skills

I wielded a tabletop paper cutter to help make our homemade wedding invitations, and they were pretty cool. Regular readers at Brooklyn Bride will know that wedding invitations don’t need to have frilly fonts and pink paper, as these truly awesome save-the-dates demonstrate. Creative type or not, your fiancé will appreciate save-the-dates or invitations that aren’t from the Victorian age. I’d bet he’ll create a cool design.

We’ve been playing with cars since we were two years old

I took care of the wedding transportation for our wedding – which consisted of renting a trolley bus for our guests bringing them from the wedding site to the reception venue. At, we frequently hear of guys finding cool antique cars, BMWs or horses and carriages. Your man will actually enjoy dealing with the how, when and where of getting around, assuming you won’t be using your feet.

Just as Brooklyn Bride is all about modern weddings, in a modern wedding your groom will get in the groove if you point him in the right direction. You’ll be glad you did.

Thanks so much Mike for stopping by Brooklyn Bride today…I’m sure some of the groom stalkers here appreciated the male point of view!

Hey guys…I’ll be away next week in hot steamy Las Vegas, but don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging.  Audrey from Parcel Post will be taking over the blog with some amazing posts to keep you inspired!  See you when I get back!

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