Greetings from Amsterdam + sneak peak

Hey everyone! I promised myself I was going to let the blog take its course while over here on my honeymoon, but I got this sneak peak from Belathee Photography and just had to show it to you! We’ve been having an amazing time so far, and its just going to get better because today we’re heading to Paris by train! I’ve been getting lots of emails while away, but will be responding when I return, so hold tight!

[images from Belathee Photography + Brooklyn Bride]

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DIY gift tags

For my out of town totes, I needed to make quick and easy tags so the hotel would know who they were for. I was pressed for time, and didn’t feel like going out to buy something pre-made…but a quick peek into my craft cabinet led to the discovery of manilla tags. I had tons of leftover bits of wrapping paper in the right color scheme, so I broke out the spray glue and went to work. Be sure to use LOTS of newspaper to surround the area because spray glue gets everywhere. Just spray a light coat on the back of the tag, and press firmly onto the gift wrap, wallpaper, whatever you’re using. Let it set, then cut around the tags with an exacto knife, then hole punch the hole back, and you’re done! Quick, easy, CHEAP, and uses up all those little bits you might have lying around.

[image by Brooklyn Bride]

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More readings

Funny story…I was just cleaning out my wallet last week9and found these two written on the back of a receipt.

Eskimo Love Song

You are my [husband/wife]
My feet shall run because of you.
My feet, dance because of you.
My heart shall beat because of you.
My eyes, see because of you.
My mind, think because of you.
And I shall love because of you.

By George Eliot

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined…to strengthen each other…to be at one with each other in silent, unspeakable memories.

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At the airport

I’m writing this from the Continental Presidents Club at Newark, excited to get started on our honeymoon. Did I ever mention where we’re going? If not, we’re starting out in Amsterdam, then heading to Paris, and flying out from London…about 4 nights in each. I know, I know, bad timing with the dollar the way that it is…but in our defense, we planned this a LONG time ago.

The wedding was AMAZING! Everyone loved the band, the flowers, the cake, and all the little details you don’t think anyone notices….they do! Its hard to think that its already all over, and it still doesn’t quite feel real, but after a whirlwind weekend of events we truly had the times of our lives. I hope to share plenty of pictures and vendor reviews with you when I return!

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