Living Etc inspiration

I picked up the latest issue of Living Etc. and fell in love with this room….the greys and purples with a hint of crystal would make such a beautifully modern wedding palette….

[images from Living Etc. Nov. 2007]

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Tagged: Green Challenge

I was tagged by Rhonda over at Our Wedding Plus for the Green Challenge:

*We recycle! There are bins in the apartment for paper, plastic, etc….its such an easy thing to do!

*When we go grocery shopping, we bring along our reusable Trader Joe’s tote bags…it actually makes carrying groceries a lot less strenuous when you can carry them over your shoulder!

*I got rid of my beautiful green VW Beetle after grad school, so now we use Zipcar to get around if we ever need to get out of the city. Otherwise, its public transportation all the way.

Since everyone I know has already been tagged, let open it up to readers…what do you do to lessen your impact on the environment?

[image from Housemartin]
[have you seen anything more beautiful??]

Wedding Survival kits

Many of you have probably seen the Wedding Day Survival kits floating around the internet, but you may have not seen the Bridesmaids version yet…a very thoughtful gift considering that your pantyhose may not be the ONLY one to get a run!

[images from Wishingfish]

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Sparkly, chunky jewels

I love how chunky and ostentatious these jewels are for a wedding…any of these would add a great pop of color…

[image from Lucky Magazine]

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The Store Across the Street

Yesterday I headed over to the garment district to pick up some green ribbons for a “yet to be determined” wedding project…The Store Across the Street happens to be one of my favorite stomping grounds, and in addition to picking up some beautiful new and vintage ribbons, I noticed they now sell the Martha Stewart Crafts line…if you’re not in the NYC area, you can order their ribbons online here. Here are two of my favorite styles…I’m sure you can guess which colors I bought…

[images from Tinsel Trading]

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