Heather Smith Jones

I have a core group of people that are my go-to’s for wedding, birthday…pretty much any gifts…and now I can add Heather Smith Jones to that list. I’ve been a big fan of her watercolors for a while since I bought my first original piece of hers from ArtStream. I recently commissioned a piece from her alphabet series in honor of my new last name (but same initial, yay!) and thought it would make an EXCELLENT wedding gift. At $40, you can’t beat it.

[images from Heather Smith Jones]

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Sycamore Street Press – new store

Sycamore Street Press has a new store with some fun new products, and this week, when you type in grandopening at checkout, you’ll get 25% off your entire order! I have their letterpress frame and used it to hang up one of my favorite wedding photos…tres chic.

[images from Sycamore Street Press]

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Army of Women

Today on the Today Show I learned about this new initiative called Army of Women that I think all us ladies should be signing up for. When you sign up, you’re essentially teaming up with researchers to help find a cure for breast cancer. You’re put on a mailing list where occasionally you’ll receive emails about research you can participate in near your area…it could be as little as donating saliva, blood or urine, but will make a big difference in the long run. You choose which studies you want to take part in, so there’s no pressure. It doesn’t matter if breast cancer hasn’t touched your life in some way…this is your opportunity to help those it has. I signed up this morning…I hope you will to. Click here to learn more and to join.

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