Earring dilemma solved?

My cry for help for reasonably priced green earrings was answered better than I could have expected, so thank you to everyone that contributed their advice! My favorites were suggested by Lucky Designs. Roberta Chiarella makes great chunky crystal earrings in a myriad [$10 SAT word!] of colors. I could easily buy these and be satisfied…..

…however, I will not let myself off that easy. I’m still hunting, and in the process, rediscovered Alexis Bittar, one of my favorite designers. I don’t know why I didn’t think of him sooner, since I own many of his lucite pieces. They have this beautiful, subtle glow to them, and are such a wonderful departure from the traditional gemstones and diamonds. Best of all, most are under $100!

[images from Robert Chiarella and Alexis Bittar]

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So I’ve jumped on the Twitter bandwagon [big surprise, I’ll try almost anything at least once]. I figured since there are only 9 days left til the wedding [seriously? omg!], this could be a fun way to track everything as it happens, right up to the “i do’s”. If you’re interested in following along, you’ll see the updates in the left column, or else you can click the “follow me” link and watch directly on Twitter.

[image from Twitter]

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Ab Imo Pectore

This heart pendant by Melanie Favreau means “From the bottom of my heart”, and can be engraved with initials or your weddings date on the back for no charge! How darling!

[image from Supermarkt]

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