50 days

Here we are at day 50 til the wedding, and truth be told, I’m absolutely exhausted! While wedding planning is really fun, its also taxing physically and mentally. This week I had my hair trial, makeup trial, AND meeting with the florist….all amazing vendors by the way, but on days without meetings, I’ve been sitting at the computer working on all the little stuff thats piling up. Its funny, you think you’re so organized, and then you remember something else, or want to add something else, and it just throws you off. So I’m going to apologize ahead of time for sporadic posting from now until the wedding….hope you can all understand.

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Its a Beautiful Day wedding

Thanks to Valery for sending this along to me! During the 5th International Alvar Aalto Seminar last summer, Dai Fujiwara, a designer for Issey Miyake, challenged all the keynote speakers to join together to create a wedding for Finnish couple Ulla-Maaria Mutanen and Jyri Engestrom. Participants included [get this!] Issey Miyake, the Bouroullec brothers, Hella Jongerius, Louise Campbell, Ilkka Suppanen and Camper. Best of all, the couple got to have their event at the offices of Alvar Aalto himself! The whole thing is pretty amazing, as seen by the images. You can find more information at the weddings website, Its a Beautiful Day.

Starting from top:
Dress by Issey Miyake, shoes by Camper
The lovely couple all decked out
Candelabras by Louise Campbell
Wedding chairs by the Bouroullec brothers – the couples names will be written on the back.
Ring by Ilkka Suppanen – made of gold thread, its meant to symbolize that you can get “married” every day if you like.
Button corsages by Hella Jongerius

[images from Wallpaper]

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Reader questions

I’ve got 2 questions for everybody…but mostly my NY/Brooklyn crowd…

Joanna is looking for a store in the Manhattan or Brooklyn areas that carries off the rack wedding dresses as well as dresses her guests can purchase. All she’s finding so far are department stores, but I know someone will be able to recommend something else.

Alli is looking for great makeup and hair artists in the NY area…and I’d love to add to my beauty list!

Any help is appreciated!

[image from Martha Stewart]

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