K. Autumn

You’ve probably seen K.Autumn‘s hairpieces all over the place, I think most famously from Lisa Wong Jackson’s wedding in Martha Stewart….well, her new website is up with lots of goodies and galleries, so stop on by.

[images from K.Autumn]

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rar rar press

I always go to the Renegade Craft Fair thinking I’m going to buy stuff for other people, but no, I always buy more stuff for me….I bought this postcard from Rar Rar Press and stamped hearts over Louisiana and New York as a little reminder to myself where Chad and I started out…I think they make swell gifts too!

[image from Etsy]

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Twigs & Honey

I love Twigs & Honey


I’ve been a crafty type of gal since I was young and even remember a time in first grade
when everyone was expected to vote on what they thought each of their classmates would
grow to be someday. The overwhelming votes predicted that I would be a professional artist.
Well, at the time, I didn’t think that would pay so well (aw~ typical know-it-all 6 year old),
so I ended up studying my other interests: science and the environment.

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Caroline Colom Vasquez |  Email: palomasnest@gmail.com

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Anthro fabric envelope

Look what Anthropologie sent me for my birthday! If you’re not an Anthro card carrier, definitely become one. I thought the fabric envelope would make a great little weekend project…maybe to hold a love note for your sweetie, or maybe it could hold a thank you note for your bridal party?

[images by Brooklyn Bride]

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