Bluefly Wedding 2.0

Bluefly just unveiled their new Wedding 2.0 shop where you can go to find dresses, gifts, accessories, etc for everyone attending the wedding and who are IN the wedding! Excellent idea! They make it nice and easy because you can shop by color or type of wedding. Its going to be a very handy tool….

[images from Bluefly Wedding 2.0]

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Papernstitch shop now open!

Brittni from Papernstitch invited me and other handmade designers to join her new curated shopBklynpillow is one of the shops this month so I’m quite excited to see what happens. You’ll definitely find lots of goodies to give everyone in your bridal party…and maybe a few things for yourself! [wouldn’t those mustache bandannas be AMAZING for a photo booth?]

[images from Papernstitch]

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Whew, 3 nights of wedding events with one the Wedding Salon tonite, I don’t know how I’m going to last! Last nights Trendsetters event hosted by Modern Bride with The Wedding Library certainly was a success…the line to get in was practically wrapping around the block! Inside you were greeted by fabulous cocktails and yumminess, and if you could make your way through the crowd, you could also get to see amazing vendors like Lisa Hoffman of CeciNY, Eleni’s Cookies, and Sue Fleming of Buff Brides. Anyone else brave the cold to check it out?

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Annual survey

Hi everyone! With Anne‘s wedding upstate, and my birthday yesterday, I’m exhausted! So I’m hoping you’ll humor me today by taking this little survey…since last year I’m sure some things have changed with you, and they’ll DEFINITELY be changing here at Brooklyn Bride. I’ll leave the survey up until Wednesday to give everyone a chance to take it.

Click Here to take surveysurvey is now closed.

One random survey taker will win a fabulous prize from goosegrease….2 custom dolls! You can see mine above…[how spot on is Chad??!?!] If you’re getting married, its a great chance to get a custom caketopper, or if you’re not married, maybe get you and a friend done as a gift? Whatever you want! Winner will be notified on Thursday. Thanks to Michelle at goosegrease for donating!

[image by Brooklyn Bride]

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