After returning from our trip, I got an email from photographer Jen Gotch about the new shop she started with her friend called, and while its been making the rounds among the blogs, its SO worth mentioning again. These hairbands are just fabulous….I’ll take that green one, please. If anyone gets one for their wedding, I want pictures!!

[images from]

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Martha at Walmart

So Chad and I were in Louisiana this weekend for his dad’s surprise birthday party, and every time we head down there I have to stop by at Walmart…especially this time so I could see for myself the new Martha Stewart line. Now I haven’t stopped in at Michael’s in a while so I’m not sure that these designs are totally exclusive to Walmart, but they were all new to me, so I bought a ton, including that scrapbook at the bottom….its small and colorful, perfect for kids [kiddie table anyone?], but even more perfect for me! I’ll probably throw in some random wedding photos and memorabilia in mine.

[images by Brooklyn Bride]

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On a jetplane…

Hey everyone! I’m on my way back from a weekend in steamy Louisiana, so no post today, but check out these new happenings in the blogosphere….

– Elizabeth Anne Designs new Library
– Lyndsey Hamilton Events new blog

[image from Real Simple Celebrations]

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Free Design Goodies

I recently discovered the blog Free Design Goodies via decor8, and just love it….Summer Allen-Gibson has collected all the cool free stuff from other sites and blogs and collected them up in one place…my favorites so far are the free labels and peony card from Creature Comforts.

[image from Free Design Goodies]

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Lisa Lefkowitz

That shot on the left is pretty awesome….

[images from Lisa Lefkowitz’s blog]

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