Yellow Owl Workshop journals

Evan from Yellow Owl Workshop emailed me with these gorgeous watercolor journals that couples are just SNATCHING up to use as guestbooks….fabulous idea by the way. They are a limited edition with only a few left, and all are hand printed so each are individual. A great way to capture your weddings memories….get yours quick!

[images from Yellow Owl Workshop]

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Aurelio Costarella

That leather paillette jacket by Aurelio Costarella up top is WAY to hot to not show you! A modern day version of the bolero…love it! I perused the site a little more and found lots of options for wedding dresses too..all slightly offbeat but with loads of character.

[images from Wedding Style Guide and Aurelio Costarella]

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Purple and green

There was a whole purple and green shoot that I loved in the new Wedding Style Guide this month….I was so happy to see the same little green buds that were in my bouquet! They add such great texture..almost like little fireworks!

[images from Wedding Style Guide]

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Real wedding: Amy + Kyle

These pictures prove 2 things…..1) you don’t have to be in a field of flowers to have killer wedding photos, and 2) ice cream trucks are ALWAYS a good idea! I love couples that think outside the box!

[photos by The Wiebners]

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