Hallak giveaway

Any bride who’s gotten married knows how filthy their wedding dress can get….ESPECIALLY if you’re taking pictures before the ceremony like me….outdoors! After the wedding, my mom took my dress to Hallak Cleaners, and they got all my grass and asphalt stains right out! With locations in NY and NJ, they’re the dry cleaners to fabulous fashion houses like Hermes and Gucci. To keep YOUR dress looking great during the wedding, Hallak is letting me give away 5 of their Bridal Emergency Kits…just leave a comment below with any of your tried and true cleaning tips! Winners announced on Friday.

The kit include:
-Sewing Kit – includes: needles, threads, buttons, snaps, tape measure, scissors, and a nail clipper
-Safety Pins
-Emery Board
-Adhesive Strips
-Bobby Pins
-Facial Tissue
-Lint Roller
-Hand Lotion
-Hair Spray
-Mouth Wash
-Janie Stick
-2 Pre-Spot Formulas
-Cotton Swabs (for spotting use only)
-Small Cloths
-Scented Sachet
-A booklet about our Gown Preservation service
-A Stain Removing Tips & Techniques guide
-A certificate for $75 off our preservation services

[image from Hallak Cleaners]

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Betsy Johnson

Hand-cuffed brides with pirate grooms? Sign me up! Betsy Johnson‘s runway show the other day didn’t shy away from ANYTHING! [anyone want to take a crack at what the symbolism might be?]

[images from Style.com]

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Jonathan Saunders

I’m pretty wow’ed by this dress, why pick one color when you can have all of them??….I think I’m going to pose a challenge to Kathryn to do an inspiration board based on it….up for it Kathryn?

[image from NYMag]

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i’m observing some blogging silence for 9/11. see you tomorrow.

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I’m still reeling…

So how excited was I when Alison Hotchkiss not only wanted to meet up for drinks during her trip to NYC, but also invited me to dinner with wedding hardhitters like Mel Barlow, Karen Mordechai, Lisa Hoffman, and Rebecca Crumley last night! Much tapas, Pinkberry, and witnessing of a Pinkberry employee dance-off ensued, and we all had a great time….especially me! Getting a chance to talk shop with all these amazing women was pretty, well…amazing.

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