Tinsel @ ABC Carpet and Home

Heavens to Betsy! I happened in on ABC a few days ago and found Tinsel, an offshoot of the Tinsel Trading Company, with an area of their very own, chock full of vintage buttons, ribbons and flowers. I left with my wallet a little lighter but very excited to put my purchases to use….[see the olive and black silk corsage and white flowers on the right in the first pic]

Tinsel is located at 888 Broadway @ 19th Street, 1st floor near the registers.

[images by Brooklyn Bride]

Jude Miller

I saw a post about Jude Miller the other day on Weddingbee and had to learn more….her paper flower sculptures are pretty spectacular, and completely in the spirit of handmade goodness. It’s ambitious, but definitely something you could try for yourself.

[images from Jude Miller]

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Earring dilemma

I have painfully expensive taste when it comes to certain things…and its making it very difficult to find earrings for my wedding. Every single earring I have loved comes with a 4 figure pricetag before that decimal point or else if its slightly affordable, its the wrong shade of green. So my darling readers, if ANY of you have any leads as to where to find funky earrings like these in a fabulous green for a fabulous price, I will love you forever!

[all earrings from Twist Online]
[clockwise from top left: Anthony Nak, Anthony Nak, Jamie Joseph, Marie-Helen de Taillac, Shaesbury, Pippa Small]

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Violet Designs

I found Violet Designs through a link of a link, and I’m so glad I did. Based out of Massachusetts, Traci’s bouquets and arrangements are fresh, colorful, and completely modern! My favorite thing about her is that for weddings, she makes a second bouquet that will be delivered to you on your first anniversary…in my opinion, that is above and beyond what vendors normally do. Check out her site for more delectable images…..

[images from Violet Designs]

JCrew Holiday Collection

Looks like JCrew is starting to put out some new dresses and colors for the bridesmaids….I’m really liking the Pia dress…very cute detailing….

[images from JCrew]

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