Photo favorites: Christy Weber

Christy Weber from Junebug Weddings:

I took these photos at the wedding of my dear friend (and Junebug business partner) Kim, to her husband Adam. To fulfill their wedding dream, they rented an honest-to-goodness chateau outside of Paris and created the vacation of a lifetime for their family and friends. The wedding itself took place in rooms throughout the chateau and included cake from the neighborhood boulangerie, flowers from the local market, and the most memorable wine on the planet from the vintner down the lane. It was a week of love, laughter, celebration and pure magic, and these photos bring it all right back to me!

[image from Christy]

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i heart brooklyn designers: five and a half

five and a half is a brooklyn based bookmaking and design studio started by Judy Lee. All the journals are lightweight, sustainable, and feature the art of some great photographers and illustrators. I got to see the Bushwick journal while at Cog and Pearl this past weekend, and completely fell in love. Great for gifts!

[images from five and a half]

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Photo favorites: Lisa Lefkowitz

Lisa from Lisa Lefkowitz Photography:

Attached is one of my favorite photos. To me, it captures the joy and beauty of one of my favorite brides, Lisa Wong Jackson (of Good On Paper Design). She and her husband Nick are a stunning couple and Lisa designed an amazing event. This image was also featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and on the cover of Photo District News, both of which were super exciting. I love to make candid images like this that shows off both a bride’s unique personality and fabulous details!

[image by Lisa Lefkowitz]

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Reader designed invites!

Juliet, a BB reader from London, sent me images of her invitation suite that she designed for her wedding…..I absolutely went mad over it! Here she is in her own words….thanks for sharing Juliet!

i designed a faux heraldic shield based on crows (which my fiance and i love and who seemed to haunt our early courtship) our initials (which when we marry will become the same) and a crossed feather motif (i’ve got a tattoo of a feather on my foot) and went with a sort of victoriana inspired theme for the stationery.

we write a music blog together so it seemed appropriate to make up a cd sleeve type envelope to hold all the bits. incidentally a french friend of mine said he found ‘repondre s’il vous plait’ a little too abrupt and suggested the more gentile ‘merci de repondre’ for the rsvp card. in order to get all the information on directions to the church, wedding list etc into the invitiation package we decided to make a fold out (which folds down to the same size as the invitation and rsvp card) which looked like victorian bill poster or page from a gentlemen’s quarterly.

we’d wanted the letterpress type feel to things but time constraints (we got engaged in mid july and are getting married mid november!) budgetary issues and a real lack of letterpresses in the uk meant our final design was all laserprinted onto standard sized paper i’d chosen in an art supply store and we spent a weekend with scalpels, double sided tape and cutting boards trimming, folding and assembling hundreds of bits of cardboard into our invitations, mind you, all in all it’s only cost us £100 ($200) for 125 invitations! (though there’s many a busy evening spent slaving over a hot keyboard & mouse which isn’t accounted for in there!)

[images from Juliet]

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