Jason Groupp Photography – paying it foward

Jason of Jason Groupp Photography contacted me last night with a sad story that may just have a happy ending for one local couple getting married. You can read about the story here and whats been taking place so far. And here’s what Jason intends to do [more detail here]….

I am looking for a couple who was wronged by the local behemoth, Celebration Studios.

Celebration Studios has left thousands of couples out in the cold and it breaks my heart. Celebration Studios has left a black mark on our industry and what they’ve done to these couples is a terrible reflection on our craft.

While we (local photographers) had nothing to do with this and owe nothing to those left stranded by CS, I can’t help but feel for these poor people who’ve been robbed. I can’t help everyone, but I can help one couple. I challenge my colleagues to do the same….

If you have been wronged by Celebrations Studios and are a couple who just cannot by any means afford to hire a new photographer, please email me your story with a photo to:


The winner will receive:

10 hours wedding day coverage
An online gallery for sharing and/or ordering pictures + DVD with images
40 page 9.5X13 GraphiStudio album

The top 3 entries will be posted on Jason’s blog on February 11 and one will be selected by Jason and a few of his colleagues, including me! I encourage anyone who knows a couple stuck in this horrible situation to check this great opportunity.

[image from Jason Groupp Photography]

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So I’ve got a question….

For all you ladies married or engaged, I’m curious, whats the deal with this changing your name personally, but keeping your maiden name professionally…specifically, what are the logistics with all this? I’m thinking this is the route I’m going to be taking, but I’m unsure as to what items I need to change, i.e. drivers license, Social Security, credit cards, etc. If you change some things and not others, does it mess up other things, like taxes? So confusing….

I’d love to hear your thoughts…..

And hey, if you ARE one of the many planning on changing your name, I would try the MissNowMrs program….I’m completely lazy and clueless when it comes to this stuff, but this program makes it so much easier….

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100 days

Geez louise, I can’t believe we’re at the 100 day mark until the wedding. So much left to do, and wishing I could celebrate a little more but I’ve been sick all week :( Hope everyone understands if I sit this one out today….

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