Custom Chuck Taylors

Did you know you can custom design your own Chuck Taylors? You can pick the colors, style, and even include text [like your wedding date, hint hint]. I think they would make fun gifts for your groomsmen, or even your hubby….

[image from Henry Chan’s blog]

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Reel Invitations contest

Judith of Reel Invitations is offering one reader a free video taping to tell the story of their choice, i.e., “how we met” or “how he proposed”, which they could use at their rehearsal dinner or just for posterity. All you need to do is email Judith [] with a few lines explaining how you knew he was the “one”, and we’ll announce the winner in a week. She’s also going to offer everyone a 10% discount on a Reel Invitation until July 1st. Thanks Judith!

[image from Reel Invitations]

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Linda Lee Johnson

Chad and I have managed to finally get some wedding things done recently, including finding the wedding band of my dreams! Its by jewelry designer Linda Lee Johnson, who is exclusively sold at Barneys New York, as far as I can tell. I wish I could show you a picture, but any photos I’ve taken don’t do it justice, and there isn’t one online, so I thought I’d share some of her other work.

[images from Barneys]

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Layer Cake Films

Michelle of Layer Cake Films just contacted me about her wedding film company…and I’m really impressed! They shoot beautifully in super 8, and really capture the essence of fun couples. I also like how you don’t necessarily have to have them film your wedding to get a super 8 video…they have a package where you get a super 8 camera, film and instructions, and after your wedding, you return everything and they edit it into a homemade film. Its a great way to have a family friend or member get involved in your wedding! Definitely check them out!

[image from Layer Cake Films]

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Groom sites

I wish more grooms would take the initiative and write THEIR side of the story when it comes to weddings…I’m sure we’re all wondering whats going on in their heads during this process. Mike introduced me to The Grooms Truth, his blog about “the truth behind weddings and the girl you’re marrying”….And of course, there’s Groom Groove, a great place for grooms and the males in the bridal party to find out all the tricks of the trade….

Do you guys know of any others out there?

[image from Groom Groove]

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