JCrew goodies

Is my drool that obvious? I’d love to see EITHER of these puppies peeking out from underneath a wedding dress….

[images from JCrew]

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Handmade wreath

I often see weddings with beautiful floral wreaths on the church doors, and how beautiful yet temporary they are. These handmade wreaths by Haru would be a great alternative, and you get to keep it forever! [via Portovert]

[image from Etsy]

Kate Spade tote

Hmmm, I smell the not-s0-subtle whiff of a possible Valentine’s Day gift…..

[image from Kate Spade]

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More sneak peaks….

These pictures do NO justice to the absolutely beautiful job Betsy Dunlap did on the calligraphy for our envelopes….the green is just perfect and the handwriting…in a word….divine. [I’ll try to take more pictures before we send everything out this weekend….sending out the invites definitely makes it all more real, don’t you think?]

[images by Brooklyn Bride]

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Registry bliss at Perfectbound

Anne at Perfectbound has been featuring bloggers over-the-top-dream registry lists, and mine went up today [mine were a tad selfish, but I’m sure Chad wouldn’t mind sharing the car!]. Last weeks picks were amazing, and its been so popular she’s making it a regular feature! If you’ve got some registry picks you’d never in a million years register for, send them her way….

[image from Volkswagon]

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