Busy Beaver Button Co.

Ahh, I love Christy for posting about Busy Beaver….in my past research I seem to only have been able to find one company to make the 1″ buttons I plan on having at my wedding, but now Busy Beaver is on my radar! These are too cute!

[image from What Junebug Loves]

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Justin Giunta – lighting

Justin does it all…..jewelry, industrial design, even lighting. My favorite are his industrial lights dripping in crystals! We’ve used them a few time in projects, but last night I was thinking how great they could be used for a wedding! Keep the lighting nice and low, and have a bunch of these hanging in a corner…they’ll make the most beautiful reflections on walls….There are different configurations so prices will vary….

[images from Justin Giunta and Auto]

Subversive Jewelry

Here’s some of Justin’s jewelry….nice and chunky….perfect for that BIG statement…..

[images from Subversive Jewelry]

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Candy colored fashion

Junebug Weddings has a newly updated Fashion Report all about color! Of course I’m going to stick true to my roots and show some green love but they’ve got beautiful shots and styles in red, purple and pink too!

[images from Junebug Weddings]

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