photo favorites: Rebecca Thuss

Rebecca Thuss of ThussFarrell:

Patrick and I were married in December 1998 in Georgetown, Washington
DC. Getting married during the holiday season was a bit hectic, yet
warm and very festive. At the time, I was a style editor at Martha
Stewart Weddings and our wedding was photographed and featured in the
magazine. Our chocolate cake at the center of a dessert buffet was
adorned with sugared pears and bay leaves. It was one of our favorite things
about the day. It just sums up the yummy simplicity and pure joy of our event.

I was so excited to create a dessert buffet. Currently dessert
buffets at weddings are very popular. However, when we featured it in
the magazine in the fall of 1999, it was one of the first we
published in Martha Stewart Weddings.

If I were getting married today our dessert buffet would be much more
over-the-top, insane and fanciful. Back then, the lovely long table
arrangement of vintage transfer ware and glass with confections from
France was elegant and just perfect. I always recommend some sort of
dessert table or display at an event—guests will always remember it!

Photograph by Simon Watson

(Our yummy sweets from France were from

[image from Rebecca]

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Eliza Magazine

Finally, I received my issue of Eliza Magazine, complete with wedding section. After searching EVERY magazine stand I could find in NYC and Brooklyn to no avail, I gave in and got myself a subscription. I especially liked the Rock and Roll photo shoot….I glad they found wedding dresses that were both demure AND sexy at the same time. I’m pretty crazy over those combat boots too!

[images from Eliza Magazine]

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Susanna + Marina Sent

These sisters have created beautifully ethereal necklaces in the Venetian style that look like soap bubbles…..GREAT for your wedding dress….and super light! Available at MOMA.

[images from What International]

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Paulette Macarons

These macarons from Paulette Macarons are way too beautiful to eat….I am just amazed at how gorgeous and rich the colors are….you could pull your entire wedding palette from just these treats!

[images from Paulette Macarons]

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