Felt garland

Not only are these felt garlands PERFECT for decorating a low-key wedding (who knows, maybe even a high end one?), but they’re ON SALE at Fred Flare! From $12 to $5.95 and $10 to $4.95, you have no reason NOT to buy one in every color! I bought a bunch in green for myself in case I decide to throw a party….whenever.

[images from Fred Flare]

Bridesmaids cake

What a great idea for a cake honoring your bridesmaids if you’re the kind of gal to throw a bridesmaids tea! By Cheryl Kleinman.

I should apologize now for posts any images from magazines I’ve cited vaguely….I’ve been collecting pictures since I was 15 so I never kept track! I’ll try to be better in the future!

[image from Brides]

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the perfect dress

I’d be lying if I said I WASN’T obsessed with this dress by one of my favorite designers, Lela Rose. Its just so ethereal and dainty, words I normally would shun, but geez, this dress totally reminds me of those Lady M Mille Crepes cakes. yum….

[top image from MS Weddings, bottom image unknown]

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Photo inspiration

Lena Corwin got it right when she did her wedding…in addition to all the beautiful details, I thought her “impromptu” photo area was genius. For my wedding I’ve been dying to rent a photobooth….the $2000 pricetag nixed that idea pretty quick….but setting up an area at your reception with some gorgeous fabric hung makes a great alternative. Just let your guests be as creative as they want for the best pics. (more pics from Lena’s wedding can be found in MS Weddings from Spring 2006)

[images from Lena Corwin]

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Mixed greens

Anne over at Perfect Bound has laid out a great green inspired post that I had to mention…these shades are exactly what I love to see all at once. Its actually pretty unusual to see (at least in my research) these particular shades of green used for a wedding…most people end up going towards the pastel shades. I’ll try to post some of my greens later on.

[images via Perfect Bound]

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