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In other news, in this last week of summer, Chad and I are roadtripping to Prince Edward Island today on what I’m going to lovingly dub “seafoodfest” since I only plan on eating lobster, oysters & mussels for an entire week.  Don’t worry, posts will continue as normal…hope you all have a great week and see you back here after Labor Day!  (if you want to follow along on our travels, I’ll be instagramming @vbroussard!)

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Phi-Style: Bridesmaid Remix – Gold



1. Pleats, Love, and Harmony Dress, $55 | 2. All in a Daisy’s Work Dress, $118 | 3. Kerry On with Confidence Dress, $80 | 4. Veer Bright Dress, $128 | 5. Centennial Soiree Dress, $100 | 6. Your Lucky Daisy Dress, $345 | 7. Roadside Poppy Dress, $35 | 8. Conveyed with Lemonade Dress, $50

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