DIY: Make a card for the bridal couple

Do you love getting your craft on? Make a handmade card for the bridal couple with these few simples steps. It’s a little mod, a little now, and lots of fun. You can even personalize it with customized names to add an extra touch.

Materials: kraft paper card set (I bought mine here), black paper, white paper, gold pen (I use this gold Sharpie), glue (I used this scrapbooker’s glue), scissors, black pen, ruler

Step 1: Cut out very small circles from white paper for the strand of pearls. I made 3 about the same size and then 4 smaller ones.

Step 2: Cut out a bow tie from the black paper. The more uneven the better to give it a quirky quality.

Step 3: (optional) To spice up the background, I added diagonal gold lines. Use a ruler for extra precision.

Step 4: Write in “bride” and “groom” or their names for a personal touch.

DONE! Fun and easy, right?!

DIY and photography by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House that Lars Built

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Gifts for the modern couple

What exactly do you give to the modern wedding couple? Try out some of these sleek and simple gifts that will make their home so cozy. Their price point is so on the mark that you could even give a few of them at once.

Measuring board  |  Napkins  |  Vase  |  Rolling pin 

by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House that Lars Built 

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Ice cream cone decor

I have absolutely no problem with ice cream taking center stage in party decor at the moment. The more the better I say! Here’s a round up of some fun ways to add it into either a bachelorette party or perhaps a corner of your reception.

Top: give out paper flower cones to your guests as a favor

Middle left and right : or add real flowers and use them as centerpieces for your tables

Middle center: ice cream balloons 

Bottom: Ice cream garlands in beautiful sorbet shades.

by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built 

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What does it mean? Koseli and Keenan

What does it mean?” is a continuing series where we ask a blogger how they brought meaning into their wedding. Today we are honored to hear from Koseli Cummings and her husband, Keenan.  Koseli is the blogger of Original Archiving and is a contributor to Design Mom. Her husband, Keenan, is a graphic designer. They are based out of Brooklyn, NY.

We were just children, really. In our early 20s and madly in love. It’s six years later and I still remember how peaceful and excited I felt that day, as I got ready and drove downtown with my parents. I was chatty and bubbly—not really the picture of a flustered bridezilla. But that peace and cozy feeling wasn’t something new with Keenan. He’d felt like home since our first conversation. Marrying Keenan will always be the best decision I’ve ever made.

To make our big day extra meaningful, we surrounded ourselves with “our people”. Family, relatives, and long-time friends that believed in us and loved us. They were all there, tearing up and laughing at all the lame jokes at our wedding luncheon. Two of my sister-in-laws sang a beautiful duet, I danced with my Dad, and then he handed me over to Keenan. It was so sweet.
A week after our honeymoon, we had a backyard reception at my in-law’s beautiful home in Southern California. Though my dress barely fit from all the cruise food, we were relaxed and happy to spend all night talking about the future and eating good food. The next morning, we moved to New York City to start our next grand adventure.
As far as the extras, my husband designed our monogram for our wedding invitation and I hand-sewed each one. Honestly, it was a terrible idea. I’m a horrible crafter and we later agreed that we had no idea what we were thinking when we made that plan. Also, there was a spelling mistake in half of our invitations! So embarrassing. But they were merry mishaps and even at the time, hardly seemed to matter. All we wanted was to be together.
Thanks so much for having me!
by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built 
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