Real wedding: Chad + Eric


I had no idea you could get hitched at the Steelcase showroom in NYC, but its now on my list of places to recommend because its nice and modern, and right by Central Park, so perfect for photos before and after!  These guys did it up right with minimal decor and some sharp style.

Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0001_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0004_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0011_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0015_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0017_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0031_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0035_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0039_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0051_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0082_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0119_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0227_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0359_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0367_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0385_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0422_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0454_low Sandifer_Green_Levi_Stolove_Photography_20150530chsergLSPSelects0486_low

Photographer:  Levi Stolove Photography//Caterer: Personal Touch Experience//Event Venue: Steelcase//Band: The Bandulos//

[images from  Levi Stolove Photography]

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Real wedding: Jean + Alex


If you love succulents, then you’re going to LOVE this wedding at Stable Cafe in San Francisco…its got tons of modern details, not to mention the cutest little pup in a tux!

Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0024_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0027_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0031_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0033_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0034_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0037_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0038_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0039_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0041_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0043_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0045_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0047_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0051_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0053_low modern green bouquet modern green bouquet Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0068_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0074_low modern green boutonniere Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0083_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0092_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0095_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0096_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0098_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0114_low smores favors Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0121_low Jean_Alex_Milou__Olin_Photography_JeanAlexSubmission0122_low

Jean + Alex’s Intimate Urban Wedding was held at The Stable Cafe. This simple but gorgeous wedding was something they really wanted to make their own. With so many adorable DIY elements in the charming setting of the Stable Cafe, the wedding was such a great reflection of this couple’s style and personalities. Jean + Alex were so excited to serve karaage and ramen for dinner because they both LOVE Japanese food and culture so much. They even went to Japan for their honeymoon! The bride baked 3 types of cookies (peanut butter, salted chocolate chip, and cookies & cream) as part of the dessert table! She loves to bake for people, so of course it was absolutely necessary to do it for her own wedding! The couple also had DIY s’mores boxes for people after dinner, and they were able to toast the marshmallows in the fireplace.They selected all of their own music. From the beginning of the ceremony to the end of the night, and one of Alex’s best friends who loves music put together a hip hop mix for part of the dance portion of the night. Skipping the DJ and allowing friends to help, was a smart was to cut down the cost, but also to make the night more special. For the flower, they secured Ampersand as the florists! They love their shop and their style! The couple made their own vases for the floral artists to use to put a personalized spin on it. The couple immediately felt in love with Lila B’s succulent arrangements all around Stable, and her succulents was the reason that Stable was the first and only venue they visited after getting engaged. The succulent gardens all around Stable adds so much to the ambiance and charming style of the venue!

Photographer:  Milou + Olin Photography//Floral Designer: Ampersand SF//Hair Stylist: Elisia Huck//Caterer: Iza Ramen//Makeup Artist: Kimmy Yasuko//Cake Designer: Pinkie’s Bakery//Event Venue: Stable Cafe//

[images from Milou + Olin Photography]

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Real wedding: Des + Fel


What a care-free, fun looking wedding in front of the Dream wall in Brooklyn!!  These gals certainly looked like they enjoyed themselves, and so did their guests!

brooklyn-wedding-photographer-045 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-084 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-108 puppy ring bearer brooklyn-wedding-photographer-189 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-198 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-227 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-247 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-251 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-302 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-305 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-308 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-318 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-339 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-367 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-383 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-397 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-425 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-478 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-507 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-537 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-558 brooklyn-wedding-photographer-572 naked wedding cake brooklyn-wedding-photographer-594

photos + video | danfredo photos + films
venue + dinner | cubana social
venue + reception | knitting factory
floral design | kate farley design
stationery | bethany robertson
fel’s dress | ralph lauren
fel’s shoes | chinese laundry
des’s outfit | pants – levi’s / shirt – farah / shoes – clark
fel’s ring | digby and iona
des’s ring | one stone shop

[images from Danfredo]

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Real wedding: Jen + Chris


This celebration was a true reflection of the couples love of Brooklyn, and when you get hitched on July 4th, you’ve got the fireworks finale to boot!

navy bridesmaids dressesgroomsmenbridal bouquet Highlights_0070       Highlights_0044Highlights_0056 Highlights_0052 Highlights_0078 matchbook favors Highlights_0035 Highlights_0087 Highlights_0020 Highlights_0019  Highlights_0100Highlights_0061Highlights_0103Highlights_0112

From the bride:

We spent pretty much all of our engagement planning since it was a short one. We got back from our trip to Asia and told the news to our families and they quickly started to ask when is the big day. My family is in California and can only take off in summer which started our thoughts about a summer wedding. We decided we didn’t want to wait until next year so we started looking for summer 2015. We came across TBD Brooklyn when we were looking for a casual backyard location and found out they had a couple weekends available in July. We quickly went back to the parents and see what they thought about a July 4th holiday wedding! We found out from Chris’s mom that his grandmother who had passed away in October was married to his grandfather on the 4th of July. That was that! July 4th was the perfect day to share with his grandma and live on her anniversary. We did all the planning ourselves and all the details came together effortlessly. It made it easy for me to find my vendors being a part of the wedding vendor community in Greenpoint working at The Karcher salon. I wanted to celebrate the neighborhood I love and it’s talented people. I chose a neighborhood florist, bakery, photographer and hair salon. We have a great group of friends that helped us pull it off day of.

We picked TBD Brooklyn because we met in Greenpoint Brooklyn, I work there and had lived there most of my time in Brooklyn. My family had never been to Brooklyn and it was a great way to show them where I work and give them a better idea why I love my home. The vibe was right for us and it’s a perfect location for the fireworks!

I had two gowns by the same designer Sarah Seven. I always wanted a strapless short length wedding dress but as soon as I tried on the long white gown I quickly changed my mind. The dresses were both corset style. The ceremony gown was called Brighton and my second dress for the reception is the Golden Lights dress. Gold sequins was quite fitting for the fireworks.

I had 6 bridesmaids. They all wore a short navy dress of their choice with gold or silver shoes. We got the dresses from online stores such as Modcloth, Gather & Gown and Forever 21. I left it open for them to wear whatever jewelry they’d like. The simpler the better. I wanted them to have a fun sixties inspired style but not too over the top. I wanted them to look comfortable and not too over dressed for the casual wedding vibe. Fun sunglasses were encouraged.


Rentals – Broadway Rentals
Groom’s suit – Topman
Hair – The Karcher
Bride’s dress – Sarah Seven
Rings – Anna Sheffield
Catering – Pies N’ Thighs
Cake – Ovenly
Photobooth – Oh Snap Smile
Photography – Edward Winter / Readyluck
Venue – T.B.D.

[images from Eddie Winter / READYLUCK]

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