White [+ Orange]

Last week Erika asked (in the comments) to see White + Orange next, so I happily obliged. I tend to avoid orange in most design that I do, because it has some personal significance. My alma mater is Syracuse, home of The Orange. So after being completely inundated with the color for several years, I had just about had my fill. But after doing this exercise, I have to say, I’ve been missing out. Paired with white it is so fresh and bright—and really pretty unique in the wedding world—that I can’t help but love it. – Courtney

Credits: Clockwise, from left to right: Tablescape from  Martha Stewart Weddings, Bridesmaids photo by Barrie Fisher Photographers via Style Me Pretty, Citrus Sorbet by Liz V Photo via Mowielicious, Flower photo via Apartment Therapy, Groomsman photo via Martha Stewart Weddings, Cake by Sweet and Saucy Shop, Orange door by pedun + munk via Desire to Inspire.

1. Risky Business Sunglasses from Fred Flare, $12.00; 2. A Day in May Orange Coasters from Full Circle Press, $15.00; 3. Tulle Pom Party Wands from Shortcake Party Picks, $15.00; 4. Raw Jewelry by JLRicci Oval Carnelian Cocktail Ring from Max & Chloe, $750.00; 5. Burst Invitation Sample from Paper and Parcel, $4.50; 6. Birch Wood Shavings Crafted Flowers from Accents and Petals, $5.00; 7. Kendra Scott Oralie Earrings from Zappos, $68.00.

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  1. Mary C

    Hi! I was wondering if you would do a board for me. I was inspired by a photo of a bouquet that had black magic roses and deep plum calla lilies. I had originally thought that gold would mesh well with it, however, I will be wearing white gold jewelry and I have custom champagne flutes with a silver rim at the top, so I am thinking gold is not the best option. I am not sure if silver is just right either. It’s going to be an August wedding and I’m overwhelmed with options. I don’t want the wedding to be super dark, I would love an idea on how to lighten it up a bit. I already bought my dress – it’s covered in ivory lace. Help!

  2. it’s so refreshing to see orange… my favorite color! love it!

  3. meks

    i love love love this. but the fiance is requesting red. could you do a board with red and orange (also toying with either pink or yellow added into the mix).

  4. I have a bride who’s planning an orange themed wedding. I know she’ll love this seeing inspiration board. Vibrant!

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  6. Hi dude, I love this….Great!!!

  7. Poor orange. It gets such a bad rap. But look how stunning and elegant it can be! Thanks for the great inspiration! Chic Rooms

  8. Erika

    I just saw this, thank you so much! Everyone thinks I’m crazy when I say I’m doing a white, orange and grey/silver wedding but now I can show them this and they’ll see how beautiful and vibrant it can be!

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