Our Favorite 2023 Wedding Color Combos

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When the time comes to start planning your wedding, there’s a good chance you’ve already spent time dreaming up your perfect wedding: food, location, outfits – the works! But what about your colors? Often overlooked as a secondary design element, your colors will encompass more than just your table settings; they’ll set the vibe and impact the overall theme of your celebration.

If you’ve yet to pick your wedding colors, don’t worry — we’re covering the best 2023 wedding colors and how to choose the right palette for your big day.

Consider pops of color

Whites and blacks offer a classic vibe, but don’t be afraid to throw in a little color here and there! Think about the atmosphere you and your partner want to emulate and go from there.

Alicia Mae of ILE Events reveals how she helps her clients find the right color combo. “We would first dive into how you want your guests to feel and what speaks to you both as a couple,” she explains. “For instance, if your personality is more bubbly and outgoing, we prefer a pop of color. Lastly, we consider any traditions/cultural aspects of the meaning of the colors that are important to both of you.”

Mae recommends rust, rouge, chestnut rose, or terracotta for a unique pop of color.

Think about your vibe

Elegant, rustic, modern — there are so many different themes your wedding can embody. Consider how you want your guests to feel before choosing a color palette, and remember that mixing unexpected colors is always an option.

“A combination of both warm and cool colors can create a balanced look that keeps guests engaged,” notes Jacqueline Vizcaino of Tinted Events Design and Planning. “With the right color palette, you can set the tone for your special day and make sure it is one that everyone will remember!”

One of Vizcaino’s favorite combos? Muted mint and sage green. She loves that this tranquil color palette creates an atmosphere of tranquility and peace — perfect for your special day.

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Opt for trendy colors

If you and your partner love keeping up with the latest trends—in other words, you spend a lot of time on TikTok!—you might opt for a more popular color palette.

As Joan Wyndrum O’Hear of Blooms By The Box shares, “The Pantone Color of the Year will be a favorite for brides on cutting-edge wedding trends. A punchy color palette combining fuchsia, red, and pink. This color scheme pairs well with neutrals and will create a romantic, ombre effect.”

Wyndrum O’Hear recommends pairing this year’s Viva Magenta with burgundy, dusty pale pink, and creams. This way, the color will stand out and make a bold statement.

Piece your palette together

Not sure where to start regarding your colors? Take it step by step! Pick a starting point and let things come together as you discover the mood you’re looking to create.

“The first step is to choose a few colors that will serve as the foundation for the wedding, such as light and dark shades of blue or purple,” advises Jaclyn Watson of Jaclyn Watson Events. “Once those colors have been chosen, accent colors that coordinate with the primary palette can be added to provide additional visual interest.”

Watson’s favorite 2023 palettes include playful, vibrant colors — think different shades of yellow or green to brighten things up!

Keep your season at the forefront

Though your wedding day should reflect your style, look to your season for guidance if you’re struggling to pick the best shades. Each season brings along its own set of trendy colors.

Lilia Shatnaya of Plume and Stone Invitation Studio says, “Many couples are also influenced by the seasons and locations they choose to get married at. For example, summer weddings tend to be lighter colors, such as pastels and dusty rose, while fall weddings tend to have rich burgundy and orange tones.”

Shatnaya recommends blush and rose gold for summer weddings and burgundy, navy, and gold for fall, winter, and early spring weddings.

Look to your venue 

Sometimes, it can help to fully picture your day before you decide on any colors — and there’s nothing more influential than your wedding location! Secure your venue and talk to your coordinator about what looks good in your space(s) to guide your decision. You may find they have vibrantly-hued tulips during the spring or plenty of foliage when fall comes around.

“To pick a color palette for your wedding, find a venue and select a date, then seek to complement the natural beauty of your venue and seasonal colors to create a stunning environment for the biggest day of your life,” confirms Sarah Jobe of Twickenham House and Hall

Jobe thinks that pink, neutral, earthy-toned wedding palettes are here to stay in 2023. She recommends beige, cream, terracotta, champagne, greens, light pinks, and lavender.

Remember all of your elements

More than just your venue or season, your colors should encompass each aspect of you, your partner, and your partnership. Think about how you can highlight your love on the big day, whether it’s an energetic atmosphere or an intimate guest list.

Katie Mast of Rock Paper Coin shares, “Your color palette should be an extension of all your wedding elements: your personality (it should feel like you!), time of year, location, activities, and plans. Your guests should walk into your wedding day and feel surrounded by you, their favorite people, so don’t lose you in your wedding style!”

Mast seconds Jobe’s appreciation of earth tones, suggesting couples opt for sunset clay reds, warm sandy beiges, and pink rose quartz this year.

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Don’t overwhelm yourself

As you determine which colors are best for your day, don’t let your palette become a source of stress. Instead, it should be a fun aspect of your planning — and if it’s not, know that neutral may be the right choice!

“Neutrals are paramount, and the color evolves as the event space does,” notes Kristy Rice of Momental Designs. “Couples are adding pops of saturation that change from save the date to invitation and then ceremony and celebration space.”

Blues, pinks, greens, yellows — no matter what colors you choose, remember that your day will be stunning regardless! Consider your venue, season, and vibe, and you’re sure to select a palette that reflects your vision.

Meghan Ely is the owner of wedding PR and wedding marketing firm OFD Consulting. Ely is a sought-after speaker, adjunct professor in the field of public relations, and a self-professed royal wedding enthusiast.