Jennifer’s save the date

We were able to use this vintage postcard because it was in public domain (no more copy write). The local postcard exchange group: gave us the scanned image in a pdf. A graphic designer friend of mine, added the “see you in October” tag on the front and the info on the back. We loved that we were able to use the original captions.
We received lots of great feedback and it was so simple, since we “recycled” an idea form the past.
[images from Jennifer]
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Hallis save the date

My husband + I live in Seattle but we were married in Los Angeles this past September. Being SoCal natives we wanted to create a design that was Cali- chic and played off some iconic state visuals. We both work at design studios during the day so it was fun to be our own client for once.

· Design by the Bride + Groom

· Letterpress by Rachel Shepherd / Starparticle Press, Seattle

· Two color, Crane’s Lettra 110 lb.

· Outer enclosure is Envelopments Signature Pocket Fold

[images from Halli]

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Cheryl’s save the date

I’m a devoted follower and wanted to submit Kiel and I’s STDs for our upcoming wedding on 8/1/09.
The story behind our STDs is that Kiel and I had similar experiences where we happened to get stuck in different things. One picture is of him stuck in an angel food cake pan. The other picture is of me stuck in a bar stool trying to get to my doll. Both unpleasant situations and our mothers had the same reaction of getting the camera and documenting our stupidity. Since we had similar unpleasant experience, we grew up and found each other. When learning about each other’s history, we found out that we did a lot of same foolish things as children. As we were coming up with the idea for our Save the Dates, we thought since we came from different backgrounds, these photos were a reflection of how similar we are. Two peas in the same pod.
We got these postcards printed at
[images from Cheryl]
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Kathy’s save the date

I’m a freelance graphic designer & this work is my favorite type. I love designing for people rather than products!

We were married aboard The Moshulu which is a four-masted sailing ship converted to a fine dining restaurant. The Save the Date, which we sent as a postcard, announced our intentions to marry and introduced the look of our wedding. I illustrated the anchor & tied rope for the Save the Date as well as other nautical elements for the invitations to come. The box of Save the Dates arrived the same day as the bridesmaids’ & groomswoman dresses. The second attachment is of my hand holding the Save the Date in front of the 3 colors of dresses (Espresso, Gold & Platinum.) It was a very exciting day to hold the first pieces of our wedding day!

[images from Kathy]

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Tina’s save the date

We originally planned to create a Save the Date that combined the map design and calendar stickers featured in Martha Stewart Weddings a few years ago; however, when I started calculating the cost of supplies and thinking about the logistics, I decided that it wasn’t feasible for our budget. I began brainstorming for ideas during my commute from work one evening and decided:

  • I wanted a design that would allow me to get 1-2 cards per sheet of paper and NOT look like something the church secretary made for the bake sale using clip art and Microsoft Word.
  • The design couldn’t be too girly for my fiance’s sake.
  • I wanted minimal layout and/or assembly on my part.

I literally sat on the L folding and re-folding a piece of paper that I pulled out of some packaging for the wedding binder supplies I bought that day. Then the finger Wingdings character popped in my head and I spent the rest of the ride turning my index finger in different directions trying to think of things to say. I think that I frightened the nun sitting across from me. By the end of the evening, I had designed our Save the Date. The printer that I used didn’t have any cool paper bag style card stock to funk it up a bit, but I think that our compromise is nice considering it was for a wedding and it went to some older, traditional guests. And it also gave me the opportunity to introduce the color scheme and dot graphics for the wedding invitations. I actually had guy friends call and e-mail me to comment on the Save the Dates.

[images from Tina]

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