Studio Tour: Simple Silhouettes


Name: Christina Dalle Pezze
Location: SoHo, NYC
Company: Simple Silhouettes

What is your aesthetic and how does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? The showroom is housed in an old SoHo loft with rickety wood floors and 12 foot high ceilings. It has a minimalist, mid-century modern feel that we carry over into the style of the dresses. The silhouettes are streamlined containing lots of special details.

Favorite part of your studio? I love the cutting table; it is the heart of production at Simple Silhouettes. This is the most centralized part of the workroom and where there is always something happening. From conception to the final product, this is where we design, cut and ship the dresses.

Where do you go for inspiration? I always have my eyes open, looking for inspiration everywhere!  Whether I’m walking the streets of New York, looking at contemporary art, visiting my favorite vintage shops or watching old films, I am always gathering ideas.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? I use so many tools it’s hard to choose but I do have these amazing pair of scissors my production manager brought back for me from Hong Kong that I love and cannot get here in the states! My box of pins and 18” clear ruler are always within arms reach and a few more essentials include: sharpies, thread clippers, my French curve, and pattern notcher.

Is there anything you’d upgrade to? Right now I use Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CS for all my graphic design needs. It would be a nice luxury to upgrade to their latest version, CS4.

Anything else we should know? We’re so excited about our new website we’ll be launching in the next few weeks! There will be lots of new style offerings for weddings and we’ll be launching our new ready to wear collection – Simple Dress. The Simple Dress collection will be available online and in our SoHo showroom.





IMG_8305New Image

[images from Simple Silhouettes]

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Studio tour: Face Time Beauty Concierge


Name: Linsey Snyder Wachalter
Location: Brooklyn Heights, New York
Company: Face Time Beauty Concierge

What is your aesthetic? Pretty, relaxed, and feminine. I love marrying old and new; the juxtaposition of modern and vintage is romantic and glamorous. I am really into the “beach house” feel right now…both my home and my studio resemble that.

How does your style convey your professional aesthetic? I want our studio to feel like home for everyone who walks in.  Hospitality and friendliness are part of the whole experience at Face Time Beauty Concierge. A comfortable, relaxed luxurious atmosphere in our studio symbolizes how we envision the primping part of the wedding day for each bride.

Favorite part of your studio? The garden. When living in NYC, it’s not everyday that you can get your makeup and hair done in a pretty outdoor space…while sipping a mimosa! On quiet days, we work on our laptops under the sun (when it’s not snowing!).

Where do you go for inspiration? Walking the Via’s of Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue, and feeling the vibe of it’s glamorous charm and peacefulness, always inspires me. I also draw inspiration from other people’s studios and workplaces. For example, everytime I visit my friend Ariane at her charming twobirds Bridesmaid studio, I always leave with a fresh take on life and a kick in my heals. Something about the experience there makes me happy…

What tools do you use in your business that you cannot live without? First and foremost: An immediate glass of champagne for everyone who walks in our door (over 21)…An amazing Nikon D90 camera to take pictures of the bride during a trial…it gives us an idea of what the makeup and hair will look like in wedding photos. A Face Chart for sketching out the brides individual makeup “look” and writing down special notes to refer to on the day of the wedding. Our collection of fabulous products that are kindly sent to us by the hottest makeup companies, keeps our kits fresh and new. And of course…our makeup brushes.

Is there anything you would upgrade to? Instead of always being stuck in the back of a commercial plane for destination weddings, I wouldn’t mind a “Face Time” private jet! I think that will probably just remain a dream.

Anything else we should know? Must have products for brides to keep in their clutch (or for the Maid of Honor to hold!) 1) My new obsession is POP Beauty…they have an amazing product called “No Show” concealer…it is a concealer and a highlighter in one. I use the highlighter on all of my brides to give them that bridal glow! Perfect for touch ups. POP also has amazing palettes and an incredible price point…Lippy Hippy is a great palette for the maid of honor to keep near. She can use it for the bride and bridal party touch ups throughout the night. Also the “Day to Night” Palette is great for the honeymoon. It’s all a bride would need in her makeup bag! ( 2) “Lip Tar” (any color) is liquid lipstick and will stay on all night long.  Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (

We teach an amazing class called “Makeup and Mimosa’s”…so grab a bunch of your girlfriends and pop by our studio to learn the latest trends and try out the hottest products. ($50 for one person, 2 or more people $30 per person – and receive 3 free products of your choice) Email or call our studio for details.

**Special offer exclusively for Brooklyn Bride readers. Complimentary airbrush/lashes for anyone receiving a makeup application and as much product as you want to steal from our collection, when you visit our studio for a trial 😉

Email or call to set up a trial or book a class: or 347.294.4846.





[images from Face Time Beauty Concierge]

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Studio tour: Envelopments


Name: Holly Jakobs
Company: Envelopments
Location: Santa Ana, CA

What is your aesthetic? Envelopments aesthetic is clean yet eclectic due to the number of designers and influences that wander across our path.  Our mission is to be able to speak to a wide audience with an incredible mix and match design system that will satisfy any soul.

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? Because of our mission and diversity we have designed a work environment that is open and leaves room for the mind to wander. Our offices house every aspect of our business including design, sales and service, as well as manufacturing and shipping.  Because each Envelopments employee is critical to our success we are all connected by the fact we can see from one end of the building to the other.  Design, being the inception of turning ideas into reality, is at one end, next is customer development in the middle and then manufacturing and shipping at the other end of the building. Architecturally, certain walls and ceilings are designed with folds and shapes reminiscent of our products.  We also uncovered original artifacts of the building with sandblasting to show off a mix of raw wood, metal and concrete. Being mindful of our environment we opened the ceiling for natural light and busted down walls to open our conference room to the bamboo garden we created. We think a great reflection of how our facilities’ design aesthetic and our desire to be as green as possible is in the fact that we have received an award for our interior design from the AIA Orange County (American Institute for Architects), and have been written about in Contract Magazine’s Green Issue.

Favorite part of your studio? For us, coming to work everyday is a joy because of the special attention to detail at our offices. The calm of the garden creates the bridge into the pool of creativity we call work. Walking through the bamboo garden and into the offices always is a surprise for our visitors and we can hear it in their voices when they enter. They come in the front door and immediately we can hear…”wow, this place is cool!”  We love that.

Where do you go for inspiration? At the office inspiration comes from many places…from the lack of right angles; the stacks of colorful stocks in the warehouse; the textures found in the rock garden; the smell of jasmine coming in the windows; the kids art hanging on the walls; our resource library; or creating a fruit salad for lunch in the kitchen. Walking around our place can be a real head trip.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? In the office we have designed the ergonomics of our work spaces around the desk. Instead of focusing on the chair we wanted the option of being able to sit, stand or anywhere in-between while working.  So, we found beautiful desks that are adjustable at the touch of a button. If you were to do stop action photography throughout the day it would look like a merry-go-round with each employee picking a different desk height depending on what was more comfortable for them at certain times of the day.

Is there anything you’d upgrade to? With our growth we could use a little more warehouse space. We do have room out back to build if we absolutely need it.

Anything else we should know? Envelopments is a design driven company.  We feel that if we live our lives mindful of design and surround ourselves with inspiration it will be reflected in our products and how we interact with others. We love what we do and the relationships we have nurtured with each other and our customers.







[images from Envelopments]

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Studio Tour: Smock


Name: Amy Graham Stigler
Location: Wisconsin
Company: Smock

What is your aesthetic? Classic with a modern edge. With a good amount of vintage quirkiness thrown in.

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? Its a true mix – modern, vintage, classic, playful, formal, organic, stylized…which is what I hope to convey in the Smock collection. I just can’t commit to one look…it must be the art historian in me.

Favorite part of your studio? My showroom…because its filled with great windows and light. And Smock products. And there is a tiny balcony, which I adore.

Where do you go for inspiration? My “library”  which is a walk-in closet at my studio filled with books and miscellaneous ephemera. I also frequent flea markets and thrift stores (in order to replenish my library) and any and all museums. And my morning runs always leave me feeling inspired. Especially if I am in the woods.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? My Mac and my ultra fine black sharpies.

Is there anything you’d upgrade to? A full time assistant would be nice.






[images from Smock]

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Studio tour: Bella Fiori


Name: Alicia Schwede
Location: Denver, Colorado
Company: Bella Fiori – Floral & Event Design

What is your aesthetic? Colorful, eclectic, cozy

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? When we first moved into the new studio I was going for a clean lined, modern feel. During the past year I’ve fallen in love with antiquing (yes, just in the past year) and am really enjoying the vintage romance look we are seeing in weddings & everyday designs. Slowly this vintage romance look is making its way into my studio – first the chandelier appeared then the softer linens and milk glass, well, milk glass seems to be taking over!

Favorite part of your studio? Every little inch of it. We were in a much smaller space until August 2008, that’s when we doubled the size of the studio. I walk around here and just feel happy. I now have my own office & a designated meeting space. We have comfy chairs in the second office, perfect for kicking back and reading magazines or chatting on the phone. I also love the design room, it’s large and has shelves full of containers & props.

Where do you go for inspiration? Ohhh.. I find inspiration in lots of places. In Denver I like to visit the antique stores. In Denver we have a street lined with antique shops, on a sunny day there is nothing better than walking from store to store to see what trinkets they have. Also, walking through the neighborhoods and seeing the gardens in full bloom – love those! My family and friends live in California so I spend a lot of time out there. I always feel inspired when I’m home, the gardens are in bloom year round. Plus,
each time I’m in SF I visit the SF Flower Market where I can find new and unique containers.
I travel as much as I can, being in London or Buenos Aires or Shanghai – all these places provide major inspiration – I visit as many flower shops as possible and the flower markets ~ amazing! I had the opportunity to study with Paula Pryke the last time I was in London, she’s an amazing floral designer.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? iPhone – for tweeting while in line at stores. Garmin – for deliveries of flowers though-out Denver. My shiny new Mac computer.

Is there anything you’d upgrade to? I’d love a larger walk in floral cooler & perhaps another Mac computer.

Anything else we should know? I really and truly adore flowers and the art of floral design. I can’t imagine a life with out flowers.




[images from Bella Fiori]

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