5 Fun Wedding Favors


Wedding favors can be something so fun to tie in another detail to your wedding.  And it’s always a plus when you can eat or reuse these party favors after the wedding.

Check out these 5 rad party favors you can use as place holders at the dinner table or  in a cool table setting where your guests can grab one on their way out.

  1. Cootie Catcher
  2. Jam
  3. Caramel Apples
  4. Salt Water Taffy
  5. Paper Rings

by Brittany from The House that Lars Built

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Flowers in her hair

floral hairpieces from NYFW

If you’ve been keeping up with NYFW, maybe you caught the Kaelen show. While the fashions were beautiful, what really caught my eye were the flowers in the models hair.  According to Oribe hair stylist, Amy Farrid, they were hair clips with actual orchids attached.  Gorgeous, right?


[images from Style.com]

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