Studio tour: Sugar Couture

studio tour - sugar couture 1

Name: Penny Stankiewicz
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn, by appointment only
Company: Sugar Couture

What is your aesthetic? While I can work with almost any design aesthetic to please my clients, when left to my own devices, I’ll always lean towards a modern/vintage feel with Moroccan inspiration and bold color combinations.

How does your studio style convey your professional aesthetic? Like my cakes, my studio embraces bold contrasting color and lots of texture.

Favorite part of your studio? I just love my large desk, to be able to spread everything out in front of me for inspiration.  It has cubbyhole shelves on either side that hold reference cooking and baking books, cameras, and things creative, all at arms length. On top is my beautiful iMac, the hub of Sugar Couture.

Where do you go for inspiration? Color is inspirational to me  So many kitchens are built for functionality, but I’ve been able to create a space that makes me want to work.  I also look to Moroccan design, antique markets and interior design.  I find the mix of color, pattern and texture a brilliant starting point for cake design.

What tool do you use in your business that you can’t live without? I could definitely not be without my 20-quart Hobart mixer.  I purchased it on Ebay a couple of years ago.  It’s so old, there is no record of the serial number, but it continues to work like a charm.

Is there anything you’d upgrade to? I will forever need more refrigeration space.  I dream of a walk in refrigerator.

studio tour - sugar couture 2

studio tour - sugar couture tasting

[images from Roberto Ricci]

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emersonmade 1

These tiny roses, corsages and lapel pins are just darling!  All from Emersonmade.

emersonmade corsage

emersonmade tiny roses

emersonmade tiny rose lapel

emersonmade white flowers

[images from Emersonmade]

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Real wedding: Amber + Joe

jenny ebert photography - embroidered hankie


jenny ebert photography - seat cards

Its not every day you see a wedding with practically no flowers used…but thats just the case with Amber + Joe’s wedding!  They had some pretty talented family and friends helping them out, but Amber can explain it better…

us: We met in our first class in the graduate program in anthropology at The New School for Social Research.  We were casually disinterested friends for two and a half years before we were in a study group together and realized we were in love.  We decided to get married because we love each other so much, and a wedding seemed like a really good way to celebrate that with the people in our lives.  We both love books (ok, we’re nerds), our friends, and don’t care for impersonal wedding traditions, so we decided from the start that we could make our wedding whatever we wanted it to be.  When things got stressful we would just say to each other, “At the end of this we get to get married!”  Most of all, we wanted everyone to have fun.

Our parents helped us so much, but as struggling anthropologists, we still had a very small budget to work with, so we and our friends constructed, created, wrote, and made every part of our wedding.  It was truly collaborative, and truly us.

jenny ebert photography - ceremony

jenny ebert photography - paper flowers


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Thomas Marlow custom photobooths

thomas marlow photobooth 1

Thomas Marlow is a photographer out in Chicago who does these pretty awesome custom photo backdrops for weddings and events.  He works directly with artists to develop the bride and grooms ideas for the photobooth, and then works to make them a reality.  Guests get to take their own pictures and get as crazy as they want!

thomas marlow photobooth 2

thomas marlow photobooth 3

thomas marlow photobooth 4

thomas marlow photobooth 5

thomas marlow photobooth 6

thomas marlow photobooth 7

[images from Thomas Marlow]

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