Real wedding: Monica + David

You guys remember the disaster that was the whole reBar debacle a while back? Well Monica & David were set to marry there and managed to turn a crappy situation into a gorgeous wedding outdoors at Jane’s Carousel!

DUMBO wedding bride with pink bouquet pink bouquet wedding at janes carousel wedding at janes carousel wedding at janes carousel parasols ring exchange kiss at the carousel riding the carousel first dance

eating cake   fabric bunting wedding cake and cupcakes

The vision had been clear. We would wed at Jane’s Carousel and then march parade-style with a brass band across the cobblestone streets of DUMBO. The destination: reBar, an understatedly hip gastropub in DUMBO. Our guests would delight in the exposed brick, wrought-iron gated, graffiti-splashed space and experience a most elegant yet unstructured of parties.

But that wedding vision never materialized. Six weeks before the wedding, I was catching the train when I heard the crushing news from a friend. reBar had abruptly closed for good, leaving several employees and betrothed couples in limbo. Our reBar wedding package included floral, DJ, catering and wedding cake among other essentials. All gone in a heartbeat. Suddenly our wedding vision because a mere figment of our once-happy nuptial dreams. (note to editor: we later found out that the owner was a complete fraud who stole 100+ couples’ wedding deposits and eventually went to jail…this is a longer story that I’m sure doesn’t need rehashing in any BK-based publications!)

What happened next was truly astonishing. The other couples affected by reBar’s vacancy banded together, helping each other find venues and even creating a process to share wedding decorations. Several Brooklyn-based businesses stepped forward to offer steep discounts, and we quickly replaced our reception venue with ease. Most touching, many dear friends jumped right in to replace the remaining gaps with their own talents, collaboration and creativity.

Amidst the setbacks, I remained grateful that the truly essential things were never threatened.  A giddy bride and groom and our 75+ guests came together that perfect June day and relished in the confetti of personal touches that made our celebration so unique. As I made my way to Brooklyn Bridge Park, a friend handed me a beautiful bouquet that he made at the flower market that morning with zero instruction. Lavender calla lilies, pink hydrangeas, lavender roses and pink tulips wrapped in ivory silk ribbon. It was perfect.
Moments later, I arrived at Jane’s Carousel to find a gorgeous spread of champagne and snacks, all prepared by my friends. There were cocktail napkins with our initials spelled in gold and many more unexpected details that surprised and delighted us to no end. In addition to our guests, one hundred or so park visitors and tourists spontaneously settled into the outer perimeter of Jane’s Carousel. Lucky Chops, our bangin’ brass band blew the roof off with their rendition of Dr. Dre’s Next Episode as David made his entrance down the aisle. The extended crowd erupted in cheers and literal high fives(!). The sun shined bright over the lower Manhattan skyline backdrop. A light breeze circulated the magic in the air for the rest of the day. It was a “New York moment” I will never forget.


Groom’s photo lapel carrying a photo of David’s mother who passed away just months before the wedding: Etsy
Monica’s Dress: Claire LaFaye from Lovely Bride in Tribeca
David’s Suit: John Varvatos
Earrings: J.Crew Vintage
Matron of Honor and Best Woman gowns: BHLDN
Brass band at ceremony: Lucky Chops
Bossa Nova Trio at cocktail hour: Carlota & Jose Gurascier
Ceremony venue: Jane’s Carousel at Brooklyn Bridge Park (Rachel Alluli, manager)
Reception venue: Bacchus Brooklyn (Meryl Reyal)
Coordinator: Tyler Lindsay, former reBar coordinator who stuck with us til the end
Hair: Patrice Levine, Stylist extraordinaire at SOON Beauty Lab
Makeup: Brittany Malenczuk
Guest Accommodations: NU Hotel
Photographer: Jacqueline at Readyluck Photography

Our generous friends and acquaintances provided the following:

Florist: Will Nguyen, Monica’s college friend and SoCal bestie
Officiant: Jessica Mishra, Monica’s childhood friend and NorCal bestie
DJ at reception: Bobby Vasquez, coworker, friend and fellow Brooklynite
Reception decorations: Will Nguyen
Cake & cupcake tower: Ana Sarmiento, friend and neighbor
Cocktail reception at carousel: Rachel and Chris Chism, friends and neighbors

[images from Jacqueline Schlossman of Readyluck]

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Real wedding: Jenny + Kris

This Littlefield wedding is a nice send off to summer now that the weather is cooling off…low-key, food trucks, and lots of fun!
150530-172609-24 150530-174102-24 150530-174216-44 gold wedding dress 150530-181816-35 150530-182827-35 flower girl 150530-184458-28 stage ceremony 150530-190539-35 150530-190547-35 150530-192402-24 150530-192740-24 wedding food truck 150530-202615-24 150530-215753-24
Make up by Diana Mallek
Food by Gorilla Cheese and Mexicue food trucks
Flowers by Trader Joes
Dress by Adrianna Papell via Ebay

[images from Erica Camille]

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Riley & Grey new design

riley & grey
Its amazing, within just a few short years, wedding websites have gone from a novelty to a necessity when it comes to providing your guests with info on your wedding!  With so many sites out there, it might be a little hard to choose, but Riley & Grey is one I keep coming back to for their great designs and customer service.  Outside of your invitation, your website is generally your first impression with your guests, so having one that really reflects your style is important.
riley & grey wedding website riley & grey wedding website riley & grey wedding website riley & grey wedding website riley & grey wedding website
Riley & Grey provides inspired designs that suit every type of couple, and now they’ve partnered with local designer Swiss Cottage Designs on a Brooklyn themed design that I absolutely love!  All their designs come with mobile, tablet and desktop variations, themes you can customize or change whenever you feel like it, guest address organization and RSVP collection, and custom domain names…all for a low price.  So head over to Riley & Grey to check out this and all their other fabulous designs out for yourself!
riley + grey brooklyn mock-up (1) (1) Brooklyn-Wedding-Invitations-Swiss-Cottage-Designriley & grey


[images from Riley &  Grey]

This post is sponsored by Riley & Grey. Thanks for supporting our advertisers!

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